New Hillary-FBI Scandal Explodes


Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s relationship with the FBI during the 2016 election was more than a little cozy.

The agency refused to prosecute Clinton for mishandling classified emails. Leaked text messages from FBI officials show the agency was infested with agents working to advance Clinton’s candidacy… and harm Donald Trump.

Now we know that Clinton was getting more than preferential treatment from the FBI.

She was practically controlling the agency.

And Clinton may have been directly responsible for illegal federal surveillance of Trump’s campaign.

Renowned journalist Paul Sperry, a best-selling author and former bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily, has just dropped a bombshell regarding Clinton’s dealings with the FBI during the 2016 election.

And it involves the notorious “Trump Dossier.”

The so-called Trump Dossier is a document filled with discredited lies about everything from Trump’s sexual habits to his relationship with Russia.

Clinton spent months denying that she knew anything about the dossier… until reports surfaced late last year that her campaign helped pay for it.

But according to Sperry, Clinton did A LOT more than fund the dossier.

Clinton and the Democratic National Committee had “contractual control” over how the dossier was used and who it was given to.

Fusion GPS, the firm that produced the dossier, had initially claimed that it gave the Trump Dossier to the FBI out of concern that Trump could be blackmailed by foreign powers, like Russia.

But if Sperry’s allegations are true, Fusion GPS didn’t turn over the documents out of some sense of civic responsibility.

In fact, Fusion GPS would have had to get direct permission from Clinton and her campaign.

That means that Clinton and her cronies were actually playing puppet master, releasing the dossier to the FBI and controlling the flow of anti-Trump information to the agency.

And reports have surfaced that the FBI used the bogus dossier to begin possibly illegal surveillance of Trump’s presidential campaign.

To Sperry, the facts are simple.

“Hillary coordinated [the] FBI hit,” he wrote.

The fact that the FBI, under disgraced former Director James Comey, would allow itself to be used as a pawn in a political game is pathetic enough.

Clinton and her campaign began manipulating the agency in 2016, and touched off a witch hunt, led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, that has no end in sight.

But the notion that Clinton and her associates thought they could pull strings in an Obama Administration government is hardly surprising.

It’s the latest proof that the FBI needs a serious overhaul, with leaders committed to staying above the political fray. Let’s hope that, under President Trump, that happens soon.

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