Nancy’s Revenge! Pelosi Turns the Tables on Ocasio-Cortez

Socialist darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal may be the most controversial bill to pass – or NOT pass in this case – the Senate floor.

But just one day after Ocasio-Cortez’s “grand plan” was shut down, Democratic Party leaders wasted no time to conjure up their own plan that doesn’t have Ocasio-Cortez’s name attached to it.

And the ring leader? None other than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

As first reported by The Daily Caller, Pelosi and her team introduced a climate bill to “take the place” of the outrageous Green New Deal.

The Climate Action Now Act aims at the Democrats fight for global warming, but it also in particular focuses on interfering with President Trump’s removal of the United Stated from the “non-binding Paris Climate accord.”

It really sounds like, is just another way for the Democrats to put a roadblock on Trump’s agenda.

But perhaps the most controversial part of this new bill, was that when Pelosi and her pals presented the proposal the only person missing in the room has been one of the BIGGEST climate change advocates… Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

But what the bill really is, is a watered-down version of Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal… and Ocasio-Cortez was one of the most important Democrats NOT present during the roll out of the Climate Action Act.

But the new climate bill is a product of Nancy Pelosi, not the socialist superstar where may lie Ocasio-Cortez’s issue with it.

Are Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about to face-off for leader of the Democratic Party?

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