Mystery Candidate Just GUARANTEED Trump’s Re-Election

The Democrats are DESPERATE to beat President Trump in the 2020 elections.

But one candidate nobody seems to be talking about could ruin it for the entire Democratic Party.

As first reported by The Washington Examiner, a national survey shows that a center-left independent presidential bid – like former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz – could almost guarantee a second term for President Trump.

The survey shows this bid would takes away enough votes from the Democratic nominee, for example, for every Republican who turned to a third-party candidate, five Democrats would switch. That’s 5:1 in favor of Trump.

And according to the latest poll from Wason Center for Public Policy, this vote could result in Trump taking a 34 percent of the 2020 vote leaving the Democrats at 32 percent and independents at 16.

Rachel Bitecof of the Wason Center stated, “The Democrats’ visceral reaction to a potential Howard Schultz run doesn’t look like an overreaction… A five-to-one defection rate is cause for alarm.”

However, the report also showed that in a normal two-party race the votes favored Democrat by 11 points.

This has Democrats desperate for Schultz to drop out as an Independent. But Schultz shows no signs of caving as he stands centrist and the Democratic party moves further left.

A spokeswoman for Schultz noted, “American voters should not concern themselves with conclusions drawn about Howard Schultz by a poll that pits President Trump against a generic, ideal Democrat and a nameless independent, especially this far from Election Day when a process spanning two years has to play out… It sidesteps realities about how the Democratic field is shaping up, just as it ignores what really impacts Americans’ lives, like access to opportunity, and that is what Howard cares most about.”

The report from the Wason Center survey also provided details on those who would “defect” to a third party… “Further analysis revealed that 45 percent of the ‘defectors’ self-identify or lean Democratic, compared with 31 percent Republican and 19 percent Independent. Fully 77 percent describe their political ideology as ‘moderate.”

In short, voters don’t seem to believe in the Democratic Party the way they think they do and would welcome an independent run from the former Starbucks CEO.

Somewhere President Trump is grinning from ear to ear!


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