Why the Media REALLY Hates Trump

Since the day he took office a year ago, President Donald Trump has been the subject of relentless media attacks.

He’s been targeted with negative media coverage like no president in recent history, even as the stock market soars and thousands of new jobs are created.

Which begs the question – why exactly does the media hate Trump?

The easy answer is that the mainstream media is dominated by liberal reporters who were desperate to see Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton, win the presidency.

But the whole truth is a lot more complicated.

The fact is, mainstream media outlets know they created Trump… they just never expected (or wanted) him to become president.

And now the media is doing everything it can to try to undermine Trump’s presidency.

The numbers don’t lie. The same media that rails against Trump now did everything it could to ensure he became the Republican candidate for president.

At the start of the Republican primaries in February 2016, there were 17 different candidates seeking the party’s nomination.

The collection of candidates was difficult to sort through… and it was hard for most candidates to get any national traction.

But the media found a candidate it wanted to advance in Trump. From February until the primaries ended in June, Trump got media coverage with an estimated value of $55 million, according to a Harvard study.

The next closest candidate, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, got $19 million less in coverage.

And despite what’s happening now, the coverage of Trump at the time was not negative.

The Harvard study found that 63 percent of coverage from the New York Times and 74 percent of the coverage from USA Today was either positive or neutral.

So did the mainstream media actually want Trump to be president?

No way. Media outlets knew Trump’s bombastic personality was good for ratings and helped sell newspapers – and they took full advantage.

But they never thought Trump would win – and perhaps they even thought, because of his limited political experience, he’d be an easier candidate for Clinton.

But once Trump and Clinton locked up their nominations, the media turned on Trump fast. The same media outlets that helped get Trump nominated railed against his speeches and debate performances, and even dredged up old issues from his private life (which they ignored during the primaries).

The media did everything in its power to ensure Trump would lose… and the negative coverage continues to this day.

Reports show that the coverage of Trump’s first year in office has been three times more negative than what his predecessor Barack Obama received.

What we’re seeing is not fair and honest reporting. We’re seeing a case of buyer’s remorse from a media that still can’t come to terms with the fact that Trump won.

The media knows it helped Trump win the Republican nomination and gave him a platform that he used powerfully to win the presidency.

The media thought Trump was fun… that he wasn’t serious… and that it could take him down and ruin him whenever it wanted.

But the media was wrong… and it hates being wrong. That’s why the media hates Trump.

Because he outsmarted the media at its own games.

By the time reporters realized they’d been outfoxed, Trump had an army of millions of patriotic supporters behind him.

And try as they might, mainstream media outlets can’t undo that.

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