Media BLACKOUT! Trump Just SAVED U.S. Farms


They don’t call Donald Trump the Master of the Deal for nothing.

Now, he’s on the verge of an agreement that will put MILLIONS into the pockets of hard-working Americans farmers.

But half the media is ignoring the story… and the other half is SLAMMING him for the move!

Trump is intervening on behalf of Chinese telecommunications company Zhongxing Telecommunications Equipment (ZTE), seeking to give ZTE a reprieve from crippling U.S. Department of Commerce sanctions.

Of course, Trump’s political enemies and his critics in the media jumped all over the move, accusing Trump of supporting a Chinese business over U.S. interests.


If you think Trump is helping ZTE for nothing, well, then you don’t know Trump.

In exchange for the U.S. government lifting the seven-year ban on component sales to ZTE imposed last month, the Chinese government would agree to WITHDRAW tariffs on U.S. farm products, such as soybeans and pork.

Trump is de-escalating a potential trade war with China, while helping improve business for American farmers.

Of course, most of the media is not reporting this at all.

When Trump initially proposed tariffs against Chinese aluminum and steel earlier this year, he promised to protect U.S. farms from any trade dispute.

Trump is using the ZTE deal to keep that promise to farmers.

And this is a clear sign that Trump’s trade strategy with China is working. In fact, China is now willing to engage in REALISTIC negotiations with the United States for the first time.

The White House revealed Monday that the Chinese government, which values ZTE as a critical company in a major industry, has repeatedly brought up ZTE’s problems during trade negotiations.

Trump knew that helping ZTE gave him leverage, and he’s using it to create a long-term win for hard-working American farmers.

Below are the tweets from Trump expressing his interest in getting ZTE back on its feet (and subsequently saving our farms from Chinese sanctions).

Love him or hate him, Trump knows EXACTLY what he’s doing… and this proposed move with China will be GREAT for America!

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