Lock Her Up! Hillary Busted in New Russia Scandal

By Gary McIntyre

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has demanded more investigations into Russian interference in American politics.

She’s even accused Russia of costing her the 2016 presidential election.

But Clinton needs to be VERY careful about what she wishes for… because it looks like the Clintons are personally involved in another major, brewing Russia scandal.

And the mainstream media is REFUSING to report it.

For weeks, the Clintons have faced fresh accusations about the 2010 sale of American uranium interests to a Russian-backed firm, which then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped approve.

Former President Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 by a Kremlin-backed group for a speech while the deal was being considered.

And $145 million in donations poured into the Clinton Foundation from Russian nuclear interests.

But it looks like Russia may have gotten a lot more than uranium for its money.

As the Gateway Pundit recently reported, the Clintons may also have been at the center of a shady deal that let 10 Russian criminals escape scot-free.

In June 2010, Bill Clinton gave his notorious speech and personally met with current Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Just days later, the Obama Administration made the curious and irrational decision to free 10 Russian sleeper agents who’d been caught inside America. They were sent back to Moscow without charges and given a hero’s welcome.

Now, fresh questions are being raised about what role the Clintons, especially then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, may have played in the release.

“It now appears that these 10 agents were released as a result of the special meeting Clinton held with the Russians,” the Gateway Pundit reported.

The agents had reportedly been caught operating in major American cities like New York and Boston, and outside of Washington, D.C. in the Northern Virginia suburbs.

Did the Clintons help facilitate the spies’ release, even as Russian millions were flooding into their foundation?

The timing is awfully suspicious. Just don’t expect Hillary Clinton to demand an investigation… at least as far as her own involvement with Russia is concerned.

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