Liberal Media REVOLTS! Names Mueller ‘Greatest Leader’

Mueller report

The liberal media anxiously awaited the Mueller report to find ANYTHING incriminating on the President Trump.

Democrats and supporters even praised Special Counsel Robert Mueller claiming he’d be the one to “save them.”

But even after Mueller came up empty handed – liberals are still desperate to find any trace of wrong-doing to pin on Trump.

It seems that the media, like the Democrats just can’t accept they were wrong.

And despite Attorney General William Barr admitting there was “no evidence of collusion”… the media just pulled this little stunt to sabotage the empty report being released.

As first reported by the Daily Caller, FORTUNE magazine just released its list of the “TOP 10 World’s Greatest Leaders” … and Mueller’s name made the list.

Ironically the list was released just before the report was made public.

The profile on Mueller read…

“Few people on either side of the partisan divide seem satisfied with the outcome of Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election… But that very dissatisfaction speaks to the nobly impartial example the former FBI director set as a he led to the nobly impartial example the former FBI director set as he led an arduous, sensitive investigation… He and his team didn’t uncover the smoking guns that President Trump’s critics craved, nor did they grant the President the exoneration he demanded. Instead, sticking to the evidence and tuning out the hype, they exposed serious wrongdoing and shed light on systemic flaws that the nation is now more likely to address. Mueller took on a thankless task with dignity, integrity, a willingness to sacrifice his own reputation for a cause, and an unflinching commitment to the rule of law. He proved the country’s institutions still work, even in the face of unprecedented political turmoil,”

Did FORTUNE miss the part where, Mueller’s witch-hunt didn’t only come up EMPTY… but it wasted MILLIONS of tax payer’s dollars and valuable federal time?!

Sounds like a sad attempt to sabotage the truth… again.

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