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Kiev, Ukraine - 19 January, 2014: unknown radical protest near the burning barricades during the revolution in UkraineBreaking News

[Disturbing Video] Bernie Sanders Staffer Plotting MASS MURDER?!

You’ve heard Bernie Sanders and his army of socialist minions talk about radical change. But did you know that includes MURDER? Here’s undercover footage of one top Bernie staffer warning America what he’ll do if Sanders ISN’T elected. Lock this clown up!

New York City - September 16, 2019: Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren speaking at a rally in Washington Square Park. - ImageCurrent Events

Traitor! Best-Selling Author Uncovers Elizabeth Warren’s Ties to Iran (BIG Money)

Elizabeth Warren has spent her entire career covering up her shady secrets. But one author just uncovered a Warren secret that will leave you screaming TRAITOR! Get the exclusive details here.

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[WATCH] Hillary Torches Bernie Sanders… And Why She May Be Right

It’s official, Hillary Clinton hates Bernie Sanders… but this time, it’s getting very personal! Find out what prompted Hillary to savagely attack Sanders, and why she’s 100% right about Uncle Bernie. Check out the jaw-dropping footage here.

HERSHEY, PA - DECEMBER 15, 2016: President-Elect Donald Trump gives a "Fist Pump" to the crowd as he arrives on stage to deliver a speech at a "Thank You" Tour rally at the Giant Center.Breaking News

[MUST READ] The List of Trump Accomplishments No Liberal Wants to See

President Trump’s impeachment has officially reached the Senate. And while Democrats will say whatever they can to remove him from the Oval, there won’t be any mention of Trump’s amazing accomplishments over the last 3 years… but we will!

New York City, October 13, 2019: Rally calling for impeachment proceedings against President Trump in Times Square in Midtown Manhattan.Breaking News

[EXCLUSIVE] Impeachment Begins at NOON… Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Get prepared to witness history as President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial begins today in the Senate. Get caught up on everything you need to know about this historic trial, and watch everything unfold WITHOUT the liberal spin!

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FLASHBACK! That Time Pelosi Should Have Impeached Obama… But DIDN’T

Talk about a hypocrite! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now claiming President Trump’s impeachment is due to THIS… The same thing Barack Obama did in 2014. Where was his impeachment?! Get the full story here.

Washington, DC – January 10, 2020: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex, AOC (D-NY) giving an impromptu interview on the street near the Capitol.Breaking News

Hypocrite! AOC’s Secret Money Trail Designed to RIG 2020 Election

Just when you thought Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t be a bigger hypocrite… she goes and concocts a scheme to rig the upcoming election. Red State reported that a dark money organization linked to AOC made a recent announcement this week: It’s spending over half a MILLION on ads bashing Indiana’s Mayor Pete Buttigieg and former Vice...

Iran flag waving with hope after a disaster. / high contrast imageBreaking News

Iran Attacks U.S. Soil (More Coming?!)

Hours after the assassination of Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani, Iran shot missile after missile at U.S. military bases in Iraq… And they quickly let the world know they had “concluded” their “proportionate” retaliation at the United States. But some military experts don’t believe that for one second, especially given Iran’s track record. In fact,...

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[REVEALED] 3 Things History Class Didn’t Teach You About Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today we celebrate the life and amazing contributions of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. But did you know Dr. King was much more than the famous civil rights leader we’ve come to know? Check out these jaw-dropping tidbits you DIDN’T know about Dr. King’s life.

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Law Expert Reveals Exact Moment Nancy Pelosi Flushed Her Career Down the Toilet

Think Iran’s attack on our military was just the beginning? Think again! Learn why Iran has already strategically attacked U.S. soil, how it happened right under our noses, and most importantly… how YOU can be prepared for another, imminent attack.

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