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Hollywood Bigshot a Domestic Terrorist

This washed-up actor is in serious trouble.

ClintonsCurrent Events

Clintons Accused of “Mafia Crimes” (This Is Scary)

Were Bill and Hillary Clinton the masterminds behind a ruthless group out to destroy the reputation of one of their former employees? Find out here.


This Lawsuit Could RUIN Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton thought her email problems were behind here. But she still has a looming court date that could bring her down for good. Find out more.


[Breaking] Obama CAUGHT in Russia Election Plot

Barack Obama says he knew nothing about Russian meddling in the 2016 election. But recent testimony just proved otherwise. Find out more.


The Trump Video EVERYONE Must See [Shocking]

Liberals want you to think President Trump created the immigration problems of today. But turns out they got exactly what they wanted. Get the details here.


Hollywood PIG Wants Barron Trump Kidnapped

And now he’s in BIG trouble.

James ComeyPolitics

Liar! Comey NEVER Investigated Clinton

James Comey liked to pretend he was American’s top cop… but his actions prove it was all a lie. Find out how he lied to all of America.

Robert MuellerPolitics

Fire Him! Mueller Filed FAKE Criminal Charges

Is Robert Mueller’s probe finally over? Now legal documents Mueller tried to hide may soon be released and it could destroy his case. Get the story here.

Carmen Yulin CruzCurrent Events

Major Trump Enemy Headed to PRISON?

This high-profile mayor has jumped at every chance to slam President Trump. But it’s her own shortcoming that may land her in prison. Find out how.


Uh-Oh! Guess Who’s Getting IMPEACHED!

Congress could take action this week.

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