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Nancy PelosiPolitics

Hit the Road! California Tells Pelosi She’s FINISHED

Leaders in California have had enough of Nancy Pelosi. Learn why Pelosi’s days in D.C. could be numbered.

Bernie SandersPolitics

Bernie Sanders Proves He’s a Hypocrite (With ONE Comment)

Bernie Sanders just turned his back on victims of domestic violence. Find out how.

Kirsten GillibrandPolitics

[EXPOSED] Top Senator’s CRAZY Money Scheme

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says she won’t take big donations… until now. Get the story here.

Elizabeth WarrenPolitics

Secret Elizabeth Warren Corporate Takeover EXPOSED!

Elizabeth Warren has a plan to take over major businesses across the country. Learn how.

Bernie SandersPolitics

Bernie Sanders Just PROVED He Can’t Be President

Bernie Sanders revealed a nasty secret that proved he can never be president. Get the story here.

Trump's economyPolitics

Media BLACKOUT! Trump’s Economy Just Made History

President Trump’s tax cuts are doing things that have never been done before. Get the facts here.

Chuck SchumerPolitics

Chuck Schumer’s Immigration Hypocrisy EXPOSED

What does Chuck Schumer REALLY think about illegal immigration? Get the truth here.



Top Democrats continue to support Keith Ellison, despite his domestic assault scandal. Find out why.


[BOMBSHELL] Trump Assassination Plot Discovered!

Violent protesters are opening calling for President Trump’s life. Why is it not being reported? Get the truth here.

Barack ObamaPolitics

[REVEALED] Obama Ignored MAJOR Terror Threat

Did Barack Obama let thousands of innocent people die and do nothing to retaliate? Get the story here.

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