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FLASHBACK! That Time Pelosi Should Have Impeached Obama… But DIDN’T

Talk about a hypocrite! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now claiming President Trump’s impeachment is due to THIS… The same thing Barack Obama did in 2014. Where was his impeachment?! Get the full story here.

Washington, DC – January 10, 2020: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex, AOC (D-NY) giving an impromptu interview on the street near the Capitol.Breaking News

Hypocrite! AOC’s Secret Money Trail Designed to RIG 2020 Election

Just when you thought Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t be a bigger hypocrite… she goes and concocts a scheme to rig the upcoming election. Red State reported that a dark money organization linked to AOC made a recent announcement this week: It’s spending over half a MILLION on ads bashing Indiana’s Mayor Pete Buttigieg and former Vice...

Iran flag waving with hope after a disaster. / high contrast imageBreaking News

Iran Attacks U.S. Soil (More Coming?!)

Hours after the assassination of Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani, Iran shot missile after missile at U.S. military bases in Iraq… And they quickly let the world know they had “concluded” their “proportionate” retaliation at the United States. But some military experts don’t believe that for one second, especially given Iran’s track record. In fact,...

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[REVEALED] 3 Things History Class Didn’t Teach You About Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today we celebrate the life and amazing contributions of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. But did you know Dr. King was much more than the famous civil rights leader we’ve come to know? Check out these jaw-dropping tidbits you DIDN’T know about Dr. King’s life.

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Law Expert Reveals Exact Moment Nancy Pelosi Flushed Her Career Down the Toilet

Think Iran’s attack on our military was just the beginning? Think again! Learn why Iran has already strategically attacked U.S. soil, how it happened right under our noses, and most importantly… how YOU can be prepared for another, imminent attack.

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[LISTEN] Tucker Carlson’s Shocking Pro-Bernie Sanders Admission

Fox News host Tucker Carlson just did the unthinkable and gave Bernie Sanders a ringing endorsement… but trust us, it’s NOT what you think. Find out why Carlson is giving Uncle Bernie two thumbs up, and why you’ll probably agree with him.

LAS VEGAS, NV - FEBRUARY 22: Supporters cheer underneath US Flag as they wait for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to speak at a rally at the South Point Las Vegas, Nevada.Current Events

Democrats Are Invading Trump Rallies… And Trump LOVES It!

What does it mean when Democrats make up a good portion of Trump rallies? Perhaps that Dems are deserting their Party for President Trump. Find out the SHOCKING number of Democrats that are seen cheering on Trump - It’s GREAT!

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Trump’s Subtle Move Just Saved U.S. Farms… and Guaranteed His Re-Election

Donald Trump was the first president in over two decades to pay attention to the needs of the hard-working farmers of the United States… and they’re ready to pay him back. Find out what savvy move by Trump has farmers saying ‘THANK YOU’, and why it practically guarantees Trump’s re-election.

Hollis, NH - September 27, 2019: Democratic 2020 U.S. presidential candidate and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren campaigns at Lawrence Barn in Hollis, New Hampshire.Breaking News

Liz Warren Exposes Bernie Sanders’ SEXIST Past in Closed-Door Meeting

It’s no secret that Bernie Sanders is a socialist… but is he also a SEXIST? According to Elizabeth Warren… YES! Find out why Warren is spilling the beans on Sanders’ disturbing comments about women, and why he’s totally unfit to be president.

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 26, 2019: President Donald Trump waves to the crowd assembled at the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon ceremony.Breaking News

BUH-BYE! Trump Kicks ANOTHER Disastrous Obama Rule to the Curb

First it was immigration… then Iran… and now this! Find how with one stroke of his pen, President Trump cleaned up yet ANOTHER disastrous Obama mistake. Which one was it this time? Get the story the liberal media won’t touch.

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