JUSTICE! Secret Report Will RUIN James Comey

James Comey

Former FBI Director James Comey has been traveling the country on a book tour trashing President Donald Trump.

And if you predicted that that this would all eventually blow up in Comey’s face, congratulations.

You were absolutely right.

Comey is about two weeks from having his personal and professional reputations destroyed forever.

And he knows it.

Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General for the Department of Justice, will release a report within the next couple of weeks that will make Comey look like an incompetent and politically biased clown.

Horowitz is probing Comey’s and the FBI’s botched investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information.

Last month, Horowitz released a 39-page report that absolutely eviscerated former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and essentially accused him of being a serial liar.

His next target? Comey.

According to insider sources, Horowitz is gearing up to release a NEW assessment that will show no mercy towards Comey.

At least one former FBI agent claims the information will be much worse than anyone is expecting.

Horowitz’s latest report on Comey will focus on his alleged misconduct during the Hillary Clinton investigation.

As first reported by TIME Magazine, Horowitz is expected to savage Comey over a bizarre July 5, 2016 press conference where he criticized Hillary Clinton for using a private email server as Secretary of State, but refused to bring charges.

FBI agents working the Clinton case were reportedly overwhelmingly in favor of charging Clinton, and were furious when Comey ignored them.

The report is expected to also hit Comey for the way he reopened the Clinton email probe less than two weeks before the election.

If Horowitz’s investigation has the same effect on Comey as it had on McCabe, Comey is in big trouble.

In his report on McCabe, Horowitz criticized him for “lack of candor” regarding his leak of information to Wall Street Journal reporters before the 2016 election.

The report also found that McCabe lied at least three times under oath… and, as a result, McCabe has been criminally referred to the Justice Department twice.

Now it’s Comey’s turn to face the music.

And it’s about time.




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