It’s Happening! Nancy Pelosi Moving Forward with Trump IMPEACHMENT

Democrats having been SCREAMING about removing President Trump since the day he got elected.

But Party leaders like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have been back and forth on the issue for several months waiting for the right moment.

And apparently, they think that moment is now.

On Tuesday, House Democratic leaders saw a rising volume of calls for impeachment of the president after former White House counsel Don McGahn skipped his scheduled testimony before the House Judiciary Committee according to The Hill.

And despite their being interest for impeachment before, this time it’s coming from some of the “most important” names in the Democratic caucus.

Jamie Raskin, a member of Pelosi’s team told reporters, “We’ve been presented with overwhelming evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors.”

But like others, Raskin has laid off the impeachment bandwagon… until now.

Raskin and other Democrats are getting frustrated by the White House shutting down their investigations and subpoenas which is why they’re having the sudden change of heart on the matter.

“That’s pretty dramatic when the president pulls the curtain down over the executive branch of government and refuses to comply with subpoenas and other lawful demands for information,” Raskin stated.

But perhaps that’s just the formal excuse the Dems are using. And what really started the trend of impeachment back up was that a member of the GOP – Justin Amash – claimed he believed Trump engaged in “impeachable conduct” after the release of the Mueller report.

According to The Hill, the caucus is set to discuss impeachment this morning at a closed-door “emergency meeting,” in hopes of swaying those on the fence to move forward with impeachment.

Pelosi pal, Anna Eshoo told The Hill, “We have to drive with the emergency brake on… I’ve been through impeachment – it tears the country apart.”

However, those who have stood against it are now claiming they could easily be persuaded.

Like Rep. Dean Phillips who noted, “I’m not there yet personally, but there’s no question I’m growing more and more concerned.”

It’s unknown if those pushing for impeachment could attain the majority of 218 votes… but this could still mean trouble for Trump and his administration.

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