HYPOCRITES! The Secret FORTUNES of Hollywood’s Socialist Elite


What’s one thing liberal supporters and Democratic socialists have in common… besides being well, socialists?

They’re total HYPOCRITES.

And they probably don’t understand what it truly means to be socialist.

After all, socialism is about EVERYONE being equal.

And for these politicians and supporters pushing socialism… that means kissing their big fat paychecks and ultra-wealthy lifestyles GOOD-BYE.

As reported by Fox News, here are some well-known, outspoken socialist supporters who live a rich and famous life…

Michael Moore – an estimated net worth of $50 million

Remember him? Michael Moore made a 2009 movie on why “Capitalism is an evil, and you cannot regulate evil.”

Moore has also reportedly struck up a friendship with the late Venezuelan socialist leader Hugo Chavez, whose leadership drove his country into the ground.

But despite his hatred for capitalism and everything it resembles, he embodies it in his everyday life. According to records from his divorce filing, Moore owned nine properties, including a massive condo in Manhattan and a 10,000 square foot mansion in Michigan as of 2014.

Susan Sarandon – an estimated net worth of $50 million

The actress has appeared in multiple pro-Bernie videos promoting democratic socialism.

Sarandon has claimed, “Democratic socialism is your kid’s public school.”

But despite her want for government to expand ownership to most or all sectors, she doesn’t plan on letting go of her wealth.

According to Fox News, Sarandon’s net worth puts her neatly in the richest 1 percent of Americans, owning not one, but several million dollar New York City condos.

Danny DeVito – an estimated net worth of $80 million

DeVito, another Hollywood elite who has graced the Bernie Sanders videos claims socialism “is research and science, paid without taxes.”

Mark Ruffalo – an estimated net worth of $20 million

Ironically, another celebrity to push the democratic socialism propaganda around and another member of the 1% club. Ruffalo has reportedly bragged about how he’d address “social justice” and “income inequality” in an Oscar speech.

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