Hillary’s DISGUSTING Gift… to HERSELF!

Hillary Clinton

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will do anything to make a buck.

And that includes blatantly LOOTING her leftover campaign funds, and stabbing her most loyal supporters in the back.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Clinton has sent $150,000 in leftover funds from her presidential campaign committee to a limited liability company (LLC) that was established to manage her book and speaking income, filings show.

That’s right… Clinton took $150,000 sent to her by average Americans, and GAVE it to a company whose only job is making her filthy rich.

Clinton registered ZFS Holdings LLC, a Delaware-based LLC, on Feb. 8, 2013, just days after leaving the State Department.

Former campaign officials have admitted that ZFS was established to manage Clinton’s income… as if she needed more money!

According to filings, payments from Hillary for America, Clinton's former campaign committee, to ZFS began well after the 2016 election was over.

The first transaction from the committee to ZFS was made on May 4, 2017 in the amount of $32,929.28, nearly six months after Trump had defeated Clinton.

Seven additional payments were made ranging from $9,617.87 to $36,369.39. The most recent payment to ZFS, for $20,822.92, was made on March 15, filings show.

The campaign has pushed $149,456.78 to ZFS Holdings since May of last year.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, politicians are not required to shut down their campaign committees and can keep them running indefinitely.

But many politicians are more generous with leftover money than Clinton.

It’s common to donate the cash to charity, other candidates’ campaigns, or a political party.

“[They] could legally cash out, buy a yacht, name it The SS Thank You FEC and sail off into the political sunset,” said Paul Ryan of the Campaign Legal Center in an interview with CBS. “They have a real professional incentive to not abuse the good will of their donors.”

But this is Hillary Clinton… and she has no trouble abusing the good will of donors.

Her history of robbing her own party and supporters for her personal gain is well documented.

America Uncensored previously reported about Clinton’s insane plan to make the Democratic National Committee (DNC) pay for access to voter databases and software used by her campaign… the same DNC that bent over backwards to rig the 2016 primaries for Clinton.

The DNC even routed millions from state Democratic parties to Clinton’s campaign, leaving the party in financial shambles.

But Clinton STILL refuses to stop draining DNC resources, even with important mid-term elections later this year.

Now, she’s sending campaign cash to a company that exists solely to grow her massive fortune.

The greed literally never ends.


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