Hillary PRAYS You Never See This Photo (It’ll RUIN Her)

Hillary Clinton

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claims she’s a champion for women.

But time and time again, she’s refused to stand up for women who have been victims of sexual harassment.

Recent stories surfaced that Clinton personally prevented her “faith adviser,” Burns Strider, from being fired after he was accused of sexually harassing a staff member during Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Instead, she reassigned the staffer. And Burns went on to allegedly sexually harass more women at his next employer, a liberal special interest group.

Clinton is claiming she took the matter seriously. How seriously?

Here’s a photo of Clinton cozying up to Strider in October 2017 – just three months ago. It was tweeted from Strider’s personal Twitter account and is dated October 28, 2017.


Hillary Clinton


The caption reads: “Celebrating a birthday, 2day.  My youngest, Pete, joins @HillaryClinton, others & me. Boss & Pete are all chummy. I'm having to lean in!”

Yep, that’s Hillary Clinton, the champion for America’s women, celebrating a birthday with a man accused of sexually harassing multiple women.

Just three months ago. We’d love to hear her explain that.

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