Hillary Clinton MELTDOWN Caught on Camera

Hillary Clinton

It may have taken the Red Sox less time to get over trading Babe Ruth.

It’s been a YEAR AND A HALF since Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election… and she still can’t stop talking about it.

She’s made a non-stop string of excuses for why she lost, blaming everything from sexism to Russian election interference.

But Clinton’s non-stop “vanity and excuses” tour just hit a new low this week.

She had a mental meltdown on stage that left Americans in total disbelief.

I’ll show you the video in a moment. But the playback quality isn’t great, so let me walk you through the highlights.

During a visit to the women’s only club The Wing in New York City, Clinton had the audacity… the utterly delusional audacity… to suggest that her loss helped spur the #MeToo movement.

That’s right. Clinton believes that by losing, she sparked a conversation on sexism that allowed women who had suffered from sexual harassment – and even sexual assault – to come forward.

“I believe my losing probably accelerated that wave,” she said in response to a question.


That’s like McDonald’s saying that, by making Americans fat, it helped spur a conversation on obesity and heart health.

If there was EVER a politician who turned her back on victimized women… who sold them out every chance she got… it was Clinton.


This is the same Hillary Clinton who:

  • Spent her career trying to discredit the accusers of her husband, former President Bill Clinton.
  • Refused to say on the campaign trail that those accusers deserved to be believed.
  • Claimed women couldn’t think for themselves and were told by their husbands to vote for Donald Trump.
  • Accepted a fortune from disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, even though her campaign was reportedly warned that he was an alleged sexual predator.
  • Prevented a campaign adviser from being fired after sexual harassment charges.
  • Took money, through her foundation, from countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran that brutally oppress women.

I’ll stop there. You get the point.

And social media users were quick to jump all over Clinton’s mental meltdown, and shed light on her hypocrisy.

“Her husband was one of the most known sexual abusers in history. Funny how Hillary always skates by that reality," one Twitter user wrote.

Other users posted smiling photos of Clinton and Weinstein together.

You can watch Clinton’s ridiculous claim below (warning: there may be some playback issues – the video was recorded from a cellphone by an attendee).


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