Did Hillary BRIBE Trump Accusers?!

Hillary Clinton

It’s a scandal that was designed to ruin Donald Trump and keep him from ever becoming president.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign complained loudly throughout the 2016 election that President Trump had a history of sexually harassing women.

But it looks like there was more to this story than we were ever told.

It now appears that Clinton donors and campaign operatives were trying to bribe Trump accusers to come forward.

According to a story first reported by the New York Times, celebrity lawyer and Clinton backer Lisa Bloom solicited enormous donations to “compensate” women who’d accuse Trump of harassment.

Susie Tompkins Buell, a top Clinton donor and founder of the Esprit clothing line, gave $500,000 to the effort. And Clinton operative David Brock reportedly kicked in another $200,000 through his non-profit.

Bloom claims the money was going to be used to fund extra security and relocation for the women.

But it looks like there was a lot more going on.

According to the Times, one woman wanted $2 million to come forward (the deal fell through).

And Bloom reportedly arranged for a Clinton donor to pay off another would-be Trump accuser’s mortgage. That women ended up turning down a $750,000 offer.

Ultimately, Bloom’s efforts were unsuccessful – despite the fact that she and Clinton donors were waving a stack of cash around.

Bloom claims she was not coordinating with Clinton’s campaign – although she seemingly had access to Clinton donors.

And the notion that Clinton and her campaign were not involved will be difficult for many Americans to swallow.

In recent months, it came to light that Clinton’s campaign secretly helped fund the infamous “Trump Dossier,” filled with libelous and discredited sexual allegations against Trump.

At any rate, this looks like the latest page from the corrupt playbook that the Clintons and their friends have been using for decades.

If you can’t beat ‘em, try to ruin ‘em instead.

Even if you have to lie, cheat, and throw money around to do it.

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