Halloween Massacre! Was New York City WARNED in Advance?

By Gary McIntyre

An ISIS-inspired terrorist coward mowed down innocent bystanders in New York City yesterday, leaving at least eight people dead and many more injured.

Now, a top Muslim religious leader is claiming he warned city officials that attacks were coming – and he was completely ignored.

And he believes the “Halloween Massacre” could have been prevented.

Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old originally from Uzbekistan, rammed a rented pickup truck into a crowd in Lower Manhattan yesterday, and reportedly had notes pledging allegiance to ISIS.

He was shot by police and, at press time, remained hospitalized.

While political leaders from around America were quick to condemn the attack, moderate Muslim cleric Imam Shaikh M. Tawhidi said he warned New York City officials that bloodshed was coming.

The outspoken Tawhidi went on a tirade on Twitter after the attack, claiming New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio ignored his warnings and his offer to help the city root out radical Islamic extremists.

“I told Mayor de Blasio that I was in NYC and noticed some hot radical centers,” Tawhidi claimed. “I was willing to point out serious cases. Ignored!”

Tawhidi also said he personally wrote online and hard-copy letters to de Blasio about “terrorist breeding” in New York City, and de Blasio “did nothing.”

Could Tawhidi’s assistance have helped prevent the “Halloween Massacre” and saved lives? It’s impossible to know at this point – but the fact that New York City officials like de Blasio seemingly rejected help in rooting out Islamic extremists is deeply troubling.

And it bodes poorly for the city’s efforts to prevent future attacks.

Tawhidi has a theory on why de Blasio, an outspoken Democrat and ally of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, wasn’t interested in assistance.

He claims de Blasio “spent all his energy and resources in trying to bring down President Trump and not Islamic extremists.”

At any rate, it’s time to put politics aside… and for all Americans to get serious about uncovering potential terrorists before they strike again.

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