George Washington Rolled Over in His Grave When He Saw This…

General George Washington taking leave of the officers of his army, December 4, 1783, lithograph by Nathaniel Currier published 1848

What would our Founding Fathers say if they were alive today?

For starters, they’d be ashamed of what politics have become, and next, they’d probably straighten out a few too many loose end “radicals.”

But what if the country’s first president ever, was being compared to… former President Barack Obama?

The Washington Times reported that the majority of Democratic voters polled, claimed that Barack Obama was a better president than George Washington in a recent poll.

Crazy, right?!

The Monmouth University poll conducted between December 4-8 asked over 900 respondents to answer the following: “Who was a better president: George Washington or Barack Obama?”

Now, clearly the people who conducted the poll, have too much time on their hands…

The response showed that 58% of registered voters choosing Washington as the better president over 33% who picked Obama.

But the majority who identified as Democrats, picked Barack Obama over the founding father. According to the poll, 29% of Democrats chose Washington, while 63% chose Obama.

According to the report, Monmouth claimed the survey was inspired by a recent poll comparing President Trump to several fellow Republican presidents, including Lincoln.

Only in that previous poll, Trump was found to be the better of the two as well.

Monmouth University Polling Institute stated, “there is a combination of factors at work when you ask a question like this. Democrats may be more likely than Republicans to be influenced by recency bias, valuing what they are familiar with over historical opinion… It’s a fun questions to ask, but I’m not sure what it means.”

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