FLASHBACK! The Time Biden BRIBED Putin with Oil Money

S Vice President Joe Biden during a meeting with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko

Joe Biden has a serious track record following him – It’s honestly a surprise he ever made it to being Vice President.

But what’s one of the most shocking moves he’s pulled?

How about getting in bed with one of the most dangerous leaders in the world – Vladimir Putin – and bribing him with the demise of another powerful state… and the ability to reap in all the profits.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that Biden sought out Putin just before the 2003 invasion of Iraq, promising Russia the oil profits from the war if they entered alongside the United States.

The former Vice President called this “creative diplomacy.”

During a 2004 presidential election event at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, Biden explained his “brilliant” plan while on stage with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

Biden bashed former President George W. Bush during his time of stage for failing to unite “nations of the world in a common cause” after the September 11 attacks. Biden also explained that he went onto make a deal with Putin with the help of a Republican senator he kept anonymous – and he viewed his grand plan as an offer too good for Putin to refuse.

However, the Bush administration wasn’t too inclined on the notion.

According to a transcript from the event, Biden said he asked Putin, “What if, in fact, President Bush would agree that the first proceeds coming from Iraqi oil would pay off the roughly $12 billion owed by direct hard currency that the Russians needed?”

“[Putin] said, ‘Oh, that’s not how I base my policy, but let’s talk about that’… Then we went into some detail,” said Biden.

Biden claimed that he called the White House to relay his conversation to the president but that it never happened…

“I picked up the phone and called the administration… He was on his way to Crawford. I said, ‘You have a way here.’ And we relayed in detail Putin’s responses to our inquiries. I later learned not a single word was mentioned.”

The only problem was that Biden believed Putin would be more inclined to take the deal if presented by President Bush, according to the report.

“Imagine, just imagine, had in fact we worked out a little deal with the Russians… that the proceeds that would win foreign debt was being paid down, that we would agree that the Russians would be first among equals, because they’re so starved,” stated Biden.

Despite Biden being upset at the Bush administration not following his plan, others knew it was a dangerous plot as Putin was becoming a threat on the world stage.

Albright later noted that she was “very worried about” Putin… “I actually am very worried about what is going on in Russia, because President Putin is recentralizing his government and trying to figure out, really, how to give Russia back its identity… Those two things are not necessarily bad, but in the process of it, the democratic freedoms are being cut down, and journalists are being murdered.”

Fast-forward to this current election cycle when Biden isn’t only claiming this didn’t happen but he’s claiming he opposed the war “immediately from the moment it started.”

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