[Flashback] Picture Obama is DESPERATE to Hide

When it comes to today’s border crisis, Democrats love turning President Trump into a monster.

They make outrageous claims about inhumane conditions of facilities, forced family separations, the list goes on…

But while their imaginations run free, they’re forgetting one HUGE problem.

All of these things happened under the Obama administration, and there’s pictures to prove it.

In fact, they’ve gotten so side-tracked by their hatred for Trump they didn’t even realize they were using Obama-era images for anti-Trump propaganda… or did they?

According to RedState, House Oversight Committee Democrats were caught on Twitter promoting a “kids in cages” immigration hearing… with images of actual kids, in actual cages from the Obama days.

It began when members of the committee visited a detention center at the border only to discover “grotesque treatment of children” and later used an image from the Associated Press from 2014 taken during the Obama administration in a migrant’s detention facility in Arizona.

Fox News Reported:

But the tweet included a photograph taken by The Associated Press in 2014, during the Obama administration, showing migrants in detention in Arizona. The Trump campaign flagged the soon-deleted tweet and noted the image comes from a time when current Democratic presidential primary front-runner Joe Biden was vice president.

“House Democrats are promoting their ‘civil rights’ hearing on ‘kids in cages’ and ‘inhumane treatment’ with a photo from 2014, when Joe Biden was Vice President,” the tweet read. “So dishonest!”

According to The Daily Caller, House Democrats then put up a new tweet with a different photograph — also, it turns out, from the Obama administration years. That tweet was soon deleted as well, after it was noticed by their Republican counterparts on the committee.

“You all know that’s a picture from 2014, right? Remind us who was President then,” the tweet said.

Here’s what the DELETED propaganda looked like…

Now considering the current crisis with immigration this can’t be going well for the Democrats… or even former president Obama. Especially since just last month, Obama’s former ICE chief Thomas Homan confirmed - yet again – how the migrant children began being held in chain-link fences.

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