[First Look] This Trump Poll Has Barack Obama FUMING

The left can say what they’d like about President Donald Trump.

In fact, to this day, most liberals are still giving former President Barack Obama the credit for Trump’s success.

But that’s not going to stop Americans from recognizing that Trump and HIS policies are reshaping the country.

Even better, this latest poll proves that this enthusiasm for Trump’s ideas and actions can easily follow him into the 2020 election.

As first reported by Fox News, almost half of voters rated the economy in a positive light – and they’re crediting the President.

In fact, according to the Fox News Polls, 47% say the economy is in excellent condition. That number has only been higher twice – and that was in the last 18 months under the Trump administration. And 16 percent even claim the economy is in excellent shape, leaving 76% of Republicans viewing the economy positively compared to 28% of Democrats and 30% independents.

That’s a HUGE leap from December 2016 – the month before President Trump took office – where just 33% of voters viewed the economy positively.

According to Fox News, voters were also asked to name who is most responsible for the current economy… President Trump and Republicans landed a 38% and President Obama and Democrats only came in at 13%.

Unfortunately, this question still needs to be asked this far in the game, since there are those who still believe President Obama is responsible for the shape the country is in now… almost three years under a Trump presidency.

The Fox News Poll also showed that Trump/Republicans were given credit by 44% over the 15% giving credit to Obama/Democrats.

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