FBI Blasts Comey’s “Book of LIES”

James Comey

Former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey’s catty, spiteful new book, “A Higher Loyalty,” finally goes on sale this week.

But don’t expect it to become required reading at FBI headquarters.

Current and former FBI agents are reportedly DISGUSTED by Comey’s book – and feel like he betrayed the entire agency by writing it.

What else would you expect of a man repeatedly accused of leaking sensitive information to the press, or putting his own ego ahead of the wellbeing of the FBI?

“I’ve talked to quite a few former FBI high-ranking sources, they are not happy about this because they feel it crosses the line of professionalism,” CNN correspondent Jamie Gangel recently said. “They are worried about their reputation.”

That’s right… even CNN took a break from repeatedly bashing President Donald Trump to question the motivations behind Comey’s book.

And FBI officials are right to be concerned about Comey’s book and the lack of professionalism it reflects.

It’s a dangerous precedent for a former FBI director to write a memoir detailing sensitive, off-the-record discussions with American leaders.

But released experts from “A Higher Loyalty” also portray Comey as both petty and, at times, incompetent.

Comey includes childish references to Trump’s personal appearance, and Comey claims he fully expected Hillary Clinton to win the presidency (and this affected his decisions on how he investigated her mishandling of classified information).

Absolutely pathetic… but, wait, it gets worse.

Comey writes about a conversation with Trump about the discredited “Trump Dossier,” (paid for by the Clinton campaign) which contained a ridiculous and unbelievable allegation about Trump engaging in “pee parties” with Russian prostitutes.

Trump is, by nearly all accounts, a germaphobe, which makes the allegation foolish and easily dismissed.

But Trump reportedly told Comey that if there were even a 1% chance that his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, believed the accusation, he’d be bothered.

That’s a natural reaction, for sure. But Comey took it as a possible admission of guilt from Trump.

Are you KIDDING? That’s Comey’s standard of proof?

Stories like this are enough to make you glad that Comey is no longer in charge of federal law enforcement.

Of course, Comey included stories like these because his book is nothing but a pathetic vendetta against Trump. And Comey is not above sharing discredited gossip in a childish effort to lash out.

It’s no wonder that FBI officials are worried that Comey’s book will do lasting damage to the agency’s reputation.

But the person who will be damaged the most is Comey.

Because his book looks more and more like the ramblings of a small, small man.

And his only “higher loyalty” is to himself.

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