[Exposed] Elizabeth Warren’s Insurance SCAM

Elizabeth Warren

When it comes to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, nothing is as it seems.

She’s been accused of fabricating her Native American heritage – and even of falsifying data in her academic research as an Ivy League professor.

Now, critics are warning that Warren is getting ready to pull a major SCAM on millions of Americans.

And it’s one that could make insurance companies RICH at the expense of real Americans like you and me.

In late March, Warren released her new Consumer Health Insurance Protection Act, which she claims will help Americans get affordable insurance coverage (isn’t that what Obamacare was supposed to do?) and will hold insurance companies accountable for rising prices.

And if you believe that, Warren has a bridge in Brooklyn she’d like to sell you.

She’s spent the past several years trying to hide it – but the fact is, Warren is the best friend the insurance companies have ever had.

And she’s spent her career helping companies profit while denying health care to sick people.

Hard to believe, right? It’s absolutely true.

In an excellent piece on Townhall, Rachel Tripp lays out Warren’s ugly history of putting corporations over your health.

For example:

  • As a private lawyer, Warren helped Dow Chemical while it was fighting off lawsuits filed by thousands of women who had received dangerous silicone breast plants. As Tripp writes, with Warren’s help Dow was able to declare bankruptcy and avoid paying the claims. Warren has been accused of not disclosing her work on behalf of Dow.
  • Then, Warren was paid $212,000 by Traveler’s Insurance for litigation that eventually got the company recused from paying asbestos poisoning victims, including many who had developed cancer. It was called “one of the greatest coups in legal history.”

So has Warren changed her tune since joining Congress. Not exactly…

As Tripp writes:

“Warren’s top donor pool is comprised of individuals who hail from corporate backgrounds, including Wall Street, the insurance industry, and international law firms. Among this group is Brown Rudnik LLP, a law firm specializing in corporate and white collar defense, whose employees donated over $70,000 to Warren in 2016 alone.”

Even some politicians in Warren’s home state of Massachusetts are beginning to worry about her close ties to corporate interests and the insurance industry.

So when Warren claims she has legislation that will protect you over the insurance companies, your “Scam Alarm” should be going off like crazy.

She wants us to believe she’s going to double-cross her largest donors and benefactors – and that’s simply not true.

Because Warren has spent her career siding with corporations over people like us – and, despite her rhetoric, nothing has changed and she can’t be trusted.

Like I said, when it comes to Warren, nothing is as it seems.

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