Exposed! “Basement Plot” to Take Down Trump

By Gary McIntyre

The mainstream media and Congressional Democrats have spent 11 months trying to force President Donald Trump from office.

But now it looks like Trump is facing a more sinister threat to his presidency.

And it comes from the same federal agencies and career bureaucrats that are supposed to report to him.

In a recent interview on SiriusXM radio, Ed Klein, a former top editor with Newsweek and the New York Times Magazine, made a bombshell confession.

Government employees are conducting secret meetings to strategize on how to stop Trump and his agenda.

And they’re holding the meetings with Trump’s sworn enemies.

According to Klein, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents have even been able to infiltrate some of these get-togethers.

“What they saw were these rogue elements in the federal bureaucracy meeting in these church basements and being instructed by union organizers and community organizers and other left-wing groups in how to obstruct the president’s agenda,” Klein told the Breitbart News Daily radio program.

Klein even offers a written FBI report on the meetings in his new book, All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump.

How are these federal employees sabotaging Trump? They’re delaying implementation of his policies, claiming to lose documents, and intentionally deleting files.

And their favorite weapon? The media leaks that have plagued Trump since his earliest days in office.

Hopefully, now that the FBI is aware of the meetings, the anti-Trump rings in the federal government can be dismantled.

But Klein says that the federal “Deep State” attacks against Trump are like nothing America has ever seen.

“Even the Watergate episode and the anti-Nixon hurricane that came from the press is nothing like what Donald Trump is facing,” he told Breitbart News Daily.

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