Embarrassing Joe Biden Footage Surfaces (Dems Are Dumbfounded!)

What do Democratic voters in Detroit and the team here at America Uncensored have in common?

Neither of us can pin-point a single accomplishment from Joe Biden.

The former Vice President is still leading the Democratic nomination by double-digits, but perhaps we should be asking ourselves – why?!

The Gateway Pundit reported that Campus Reform reporter Cabot Phillips asked Dem voters in Detroit who were attending Wednesday night’s debate what they saw as Joe Biden’s biggest accomplishment… and their responses were actually entertainment.

Regardless of Biden being the former Vice President or his almost 5 decade-run in office, Democratic voters can’t think of a single thing Biden has done.

What’s even scarier is that voters also have NO CLUE as to what he plans to do if he becomes the next president.


One liberal noted, “I’ll be honest with you, I’m drawing a blank on what he accomplished,” another one stated, “I don’t know of a specific accomplishment of his.”

However, they were able to come up with claims such as he’s an “honest and a decent man.”

Watch the embarrassing footage for yourself…

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