Elizabeth Warren Reveals $100 BILLION Crisis Plan (And Why Experts Know It Will FAIL)

When will Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren get the hint that her “grand plans” don’t actually work.

Like her childcare act, great in theory, but terrible for the economy.

Now the 2020 hopeful is floating around a massive multi-billion plan to combat the severe opioid crisis we are facing in America.

And although we can all admit it’s very much needed… Warren can’t quite figure out how to make it work, but she plans on throwing American tax payers dollars at it for years to come.

As first reported by the Washington Free Beacon, Warren announced a proposal for America’s overdose crisis that would allocate $10 billion a year for treatment and harm reduction.

In a Medium post, Warren touched on the crisis that has taken over the country in recent years due to drugs such as methamphetamine and cocaine.

According to the report, Warren’s proposal involves reintroducing the Comprehensive Addiction Resources Emergency (CARE) act. And if passed, the policy would allocate $100 billion to support “first responders, public health departments, and communities on the front lines of this crisis” separated into ten $10 billion payments over a decade.

The bill also states, that Warren plans to pay for these funds with her “ulta-millionaire tax” which is now estimated to fund up to $129 trillion.

But the two biggest problems with Warren’s plan?

Medicaid… and well, frankly she just doesn’t understand that you can’t just throw money at a problem like this and expect it to be fixed.

Warren stated that the CARE Act “also works to strengthen our addiction treatment infrastructure… demanding states use Medicaid to its fullest to tackle the crisis, expanding access to medication-assisted treatment, and ensuring treatment programs and recovery residences meet high standards.”

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, the CARE Act which focuses primarily on improving access to treatment and “harm reduction, but it hasn’t been made clear just how effective throwing all this money at these limited resources would be.

In a 2018 study, co-authored by Warren’s pal on the current CARE Act, data showed that expansion into these resources could potentially decrease the number of deaths in the coming years by maybe 9.4% or 47,1000 lives.

Which in conclusion means, the program would help some, but it wouldn’t fight to end the epidemic… and it could leave a lot of Americans bankrupt.

However, one HUGE obstacle Warren didn’t take into consideration while putting this bill together… “the role of Mexican cartels in producing methamphetamine and heroin, nor of Chinese produces who fabricate the fentanyl that killed 28,000 Americans in 2017.”

She’ll have to tackle that before convincing Americans to pay for a program that “might” work.

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