Elizabeth Warren Makes SHOCKING Announcement

Elizabeth Warren

For years it looked like Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was carefully plotting a run for president.

Now, it appears her 2020 campaign is over before it even started.

Warren has just announced that she will not be running against President Donald Trump in 2020.

But her surprising declaration is sure to deliver more questions than answers for Democratic party insiders.

At a speech last week before the Boston Teachers Union, Warren promised that if she is reelected to the Senate this year, she will complete her six-year term.

She took 2020 off the table by definitively adding, “I am not running for president of the United States.”

Warren was considered one of the front-runners for the 2020 nomination. And you can be certain that she was itching for some payback against Trump, who has repeatedly called her “Pocahontas” in reference to Warren’s dubious claims to Native American ancestry.

It’s certainly possible that Warren is lying – and we’ve seen that move before.

But this feels a bit different. In the case of the Boston Teachers Union, Warren would be lying to her closest friends and supporters.

There are other scenarios that seem just as likely.

First, Warren may have received data or other information indicating that she would have a difficult time securing the 2020 nomination or defeating Trump in a general election.

Trump has turned Warren into a running joke, damaging her reputation. And with her extreme-left positions, Warren was always going to face trouble winning key battleground states that Democrats must have.

It’s also possible that Warren has been dissuaded from running by party insiders, especially those close to former President Barack Obama.

It’s been widely reported that the Obama camp is not fans of Warren. Obama insiders had previously encouraged former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to run for president.

That was seen as a direct rebuke of Warren, as Obama allies were indicating that they don’t even believe Warren is the best candidate in Massachusetts.

Either way, Warren has now unequivocally stated that she will not be a candidate in 2020.

That may be a shock to some Democrats, but don’t expect too many tears. Warren is completely unelectable.

Whether she can keep her word… and stay out of the race… remains to be seen.

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