Disgusting! Reporters BRIBED to Attack Trump

By Gary McIntyre

President Donald Trump has been the victim of more ruthless media attacks than any politician in recent history.

And he may very well be the most attacked politician ever.

Now, a leading member of Congress may be on the verge of figuring out why.

Evidence is mounting that reporters have been secretly bribed to write hit pieces meant to destroy Trump and undermine his presidency.

At the center of the scandal is Fusion GPS, the firm paid by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee to write the discredited “Trump Dossier” – a document filled with slanderous allegations against Trump.

Rep. Devin Nunes, chair of the House Intelligence Committee, has long sought to obtain the bank records of Fusion GPS to see where the firm got its money and who it’s been paying.

Nunes and Fusion GPS had initially reached a deal for the company to produce the bank records. But, as the Washington Times first reported, the agreement fell apart late last week.

Fusion GPS went to court and asked a judge to block a subpoena from Nunes for the bank records.

Why? Because Nunes now wants to see if the firm funneled any money to journalists.

Now, for the time being, Fusion GPS’s bank records will remain sealed.

But the firm’s move has raised serious questions, and is causing major hand-wringing in the mainstream media community.

What exactly is Fusion GPS trying to hide? And why is it refusing to answer a simple question about whether it paid off journalists?

The answer may be both simple and sinister. It’s increasingly looking like some reporters may have been paid to disseminate harmful information about Trump – information that was linked to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and that has been completely discredited.

Were reporters bribed to spread fake news?

It may be a while before we know for sure. Expect lots more legal wrangling over the Fusion GPS bank records.

But if they’re eventually released, we could witness the biggest journalism scandal in history – one that may lead millions of Americans to never trust the mainstream media again.


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