Disgusting! 2020 Candidate Caught in Nasty ABUSE Scandal

As Democrats gear up for the 2020 presidential election, they are DESPERATE to find a candidate that will kick President Trump out of the White House.

But, as their number of candidates continues to grow, so do the skeletons in their closet and the scandals that come with them.

We’ve seen Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren come under fire for her fraudulent behavior, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders faces scrutiny for his communist ties and now a fresh face on the roster, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, faces a MAJOR abuse scandal.

Klobuchar faces allegations of cruelty and demeaning behavior, and one accusation even includes her “leading a workplace of fear and anger, which left employees in tears.”

However, it gets worse…

As first reported by the Washington Free Beacon, a handful of former staffers of the Minnesota Senator released a letter supporting the Senator amidst reports of her abusive behavior. Ironically, those who signed the letter, never actually worked face-to-face with the angry senator in her D.C. office.

Now does that look like a cover up, or what?

The letter which was released this week and posted to Medium is merely two paragraphs long and depicts a very different senator from the allegations. It stated:

“We previously worked for Senator Klobuchar and some of us were among the former staffers contacted by the New York Times and other media outlets to share our experiences about working in her office… Unfortunately, the positive anecdotes and stories we experiences have not been fully reported by the Times and other media. We do not believe these reports adequately describe our thoughts on Amy Klobuchar, many of which we shared with the authors.”

“Amy would be there for us after a loss in the family or help make an important call instrumental to our careers… She’d celebrate our professional accomplishments and be part of our lives, whether it was dancing at or weddings or visiting us after we brought our newborns home. She was there for us in the hard times, too. And at the office, she pushed us to be better professionals and public servants. We remain grateful for our time in Senator Klobuchar’s office and still consider Amy a mentor and friend. Sadly, this was not fully conveyed in the recent news reports.”

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the letter was signed by 61 staffers, where 30 of the 61 were confirmed to never have worked directly in her D.C. office. Others were even working for her back in the 1990’s and mid-2000’s before she entered Congress. Those who signed and DID work in her D.C. office were reportedly there for less than five months.

It’s easy to understand why these specific staffers who wrote the letter never encountered Senator Klobuchar’s “abusive” side.

Klobuchar reportedly noted that she “can be tough on her staff due to having high expectations,” – now imagine how she’d treat them if she became president.

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