Dems Plan “Thanksgiving Ambush” on Trump

Thanksgiving Ambush

By Gary McIntyre

If Congressional Democrats have their way, they’ll reduce America’s democracy to some Third World banana republic.

They’ve spent the past year refusing to accept that American voters selected Donald Trump as our president.

Now, Congressional Democrats are actively engaged in a pathetic coup to remove Trump from office – and they’re promising major fireworks before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Luis Gutiérrez of Illinois, one of the most radically liberal members of Congress, announced this week that new Articles of Impeachment will be filed against Trump before Thanksgiving.

And unlike the previous lone-wolf impeachment attempts made by Congressmen Al Green of Texas and Brad Sherman of California, Gutiérrez is promising that several Democrats are on board with his plan.

In fact, he’s expecting multiple sponsors from the House Judiciary Committee.

“We appreciate single members putting in on their own Articles of Impeachment, (but) we’re going to use a lot of constitutional scholars and really make a case that the president should be impeached,” Gutiérrez said.

Gutiérrez, who is upset over Trump’s no-nonsense stances on immigration, claims he’s consulting top attorneys to make an air-tight case.

And Gutiérrez sure knows a lot of them. He’s been arrested multiple times throughout his career, including at immigration protests in March, August, and September this year.

He has a rap sheet that would make prisoners at Attica jealous.

But Gutiérrez is also known for his bluster… and promising things he can’t deliver.

Even leading Democrats like New York Senator Charles Schumer and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders have called impeachment talks ridiculous, and have warned their fellow party members to stand down.

So it remains to be seen whether Congressional Democrats will buck their own leadership and sign on for an impeachment effort.

Especially one that’s practically guaranteed to blow up in their faces.

With a solid Republican majority, there are simply not enough votes in the House to sustain an impeachment push.

Gutiérrez’s efforts are bound to fail and embarrass Democrats – and will likely galvanize and anger Trump’s base.

The real “Thanksgiving Surprise” may be that Trump emerges from the impeachment circus with more power and support than ever.

When that happens, you can bet Gutiérrez will find a way to protest… and probably get arrested, too.

Speaking on Tuesday morning at the City Club of Chicago, Gutierrez said he and several fellow members of the House judiciary committee intend to “file articles of impeachment against Trump before Thanksgiving.”

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