Cover-Up! 5 Lies About Mueller Arrests

By Gary McIntyre

The mainstream media might as well be a mirror at the Kremlin.

Because they seem to see Russian President Vladimir Putin everywhere!

For months, the media has been desperate to prove that Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election because his campaign somehow colluded with Putin-backed Russian operatives.

And yesterday, when Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian election interference led to the indictment of former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort and two of his associates, “collusion fever” reached a boiling point.

But the media is botching the story again. Here are five lies they’re spreading about the Mueller investigation and indictments – and the truth you won’t get anywhere else.

Lie #1: The Manafort Indictment is Connected to the Trump Campaign

The charges against Manafort, including money laundering and acting as an unregistered foreign agent, involve his activities from years before Trump even announced his candidacy for president. Trump is not mentioned once in the indictments.

"It goes back five or six years, predates the campaign entirely and probably predates Paul Manafort meeting Donald Trump," said Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), a member of the House Intelligence Committee.

Lie #2: Russian Interference Swayed the Outcome of the Election

To date, there hasn’t been a shred of proof that the Russian government preferred a Trump presidency – or that Russian interference swayed a single vote. If anything, the Russians were trying to sow general civil unrest.

Facebook reported that Russian-linked ads reached 11.4 million Americans from 2015 to 2017, and represented just a fraction of the ads these Americans saw.

“Put another way, if each of these posts were a commercial on television, you'd have to watch more than 600 hours of television to see something,” Facebook claimed in written testimony to Congress.

And previous analysis of the ads showed they did not support any candidate in particular, focusing mainly on divisive social issues.

Lie #3: Mueller is Targeting the Trump Campaign in Particular

Manafort and his associates may have been the first parties arrested in Mueller’s probe – but they won’t be the last. In fact, Democrats aren’t going to have much opportunity to gloat at all.

Tony Podesta, a Democratic operative and brother of Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chair John Podesta, is reportedly a major target of Mueller’s investigation. Podesta resigned from his high-powered lobbying firm, The Podesta Group, yesterday. It’s been widely reported that Podesta expects to be indicted, and is trying to spare the firm embarrassment.

That brings us to…

Lie #2: Hillary Clinton Didn’t Collude with the Russians

There is solid evidence that one 2016 presidential candidate did collude with Russia – and that candidate is Hillary Clinton. Clinton helped approve the sale of U.S. uranium interests to a Russian firm in 2010, while the Clintons were raking in millions in foundation donations and speaking fees from Russian-backed interests.

And we now know that Hillary Clinton’s campaign helped fund the infamous “Trump Dossier,” which cites Russian individuals and intelligence operatives. There have long been suspected links between the dossier and Russian intelligence. So why isn’t the media covering this more aggressively?

Lie #1: There’s Nothing Fishy About the Timing of the Manafort Indictment

The media wants us to believe that Manafort and his associates were indicted yesterday because Mueller’s investigation had simply run its course. But the timing is extremely suspect.

Mueller began taking a lot of heat over the past couple weeks over his questionable tenure as FBI chief under former President Barack Obama. The FBI, under Mueller, was allegedly investigating the Russian firm that purchased American uranium interests in 2010 – but the FBI report seemingly vanished and the deal still went through.

What role did Mueller play in hiding the investigation? We may never know – because, by pushing forward the indictments, Mueller has changed the conversation and at least temporarily buried the uranium story.

Convenient timing – at least if you’re Robert Mueller.

Mueller’s investigation, to date, has been heavy on accusations and innuendo, and light on facts. And right now, the media seems happy to play along – even if the truth gets buried in the process.


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