The Clintons Took WHAT From the Chinese?!


The Clintons have long been accused of using their foundation to accept cash from shady foreign interests.

But it looks like the “donations” may have been rolling in long before the foundation was ever established.

In fact, it’s about time that the American public learned exactly what the Clintons were accepting from the Chinese during Bill Clinton’s eight years as president.

Former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne, who protected the Clinton family during Bill Clinton’s presidency, claims he witnessed plenty of funny business going on between the Clintons and the Chinese military.

In his new book, Secrets of the Secret Service: The History and Uncertain Future of the U.S. Secret Service, Byrne details the borderline abusive way that the Clintons treated the Secret Service.

That, of course, is old news… what’s new is that Byrne believes that Secret Service agents were forced to become accomplices in the 1996 “Chinagate” scandal, where the Chinese used shell companies to donate to Democrats.

Byrne claims that Chinese officials, including military generals dressed in civilian clothes, were secretly visiting the White House, where they were simply logged as “business guests” at the Clintons’ request.

Even worse, these generals and other Chinese officials were often carrying non-descript paper bags that the Secret Service was not allowed to search.

Chinese generals in disguise? Unmarked paper bags? Want to guess what was in them?

According to Byrne, the Clintons set about “systematically destroying” Secret Service protocols that existed for their protection and the protection of the American public.

The Secret Service agents knew it was wrong… but they didn’t dare challenge the Clintons.

“The view from the front lines, however, was that something, somehow, was bound to ensnare them,” Byrne wrote. “It was simply a matter of the right scandal.”

Of course, more than two decades later, the Clintons continue to operate as if they are above the law.

Why were the Clintons keeping their interactions with the Chinese secret? And what exactly was in those bags?

The public deserves to know.

Maybe this is what the federal government should be investigating… instead of baseless Russian collusion allegations that are going nowhere.

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