Clintons Caught Hiding MILLIONS in Dirty Money?!

The Clinton Foundation has long been accused of hiding a fortune in donations from shady foreign interests.

Some would say that the foundation is a "charity" in the same way that Al Capone was a "businessman."

Now, the Clinton Foundation is being accused of under-reporting a small fortune that poured in from overseas donors.

And it's raising new questions about Hillary Clinton's role in a controversial 2010 uranium sale to Russia.

As The Hill reported this week, the Clinton Foundation claims that a communications firm called APCO Worldwide only contributed $25,000 to $50,000 to the foundation over the past decade.

The only problem? Secretly released internal Clinton Foundation documents show that's a total lie.

And APCO has deep ties to Rosatom, the Russian nuclear company that purchased U.S. uranium interests in 2010, under a deal then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped approve.

According to internal foundation documents, obtained by The Hill, APCO contributed $275,000 toward the foundation in 2011 alone – one year after the uranium deal went through.

In fact, APCO claims that its support of the Clinton Foundation has exceeded $1 million since 2008 – a figure much higher than the Clintons are reporting.

And that discrepancy is awfully fishy, given APCO's close connection to Rosatom, which was allowed to purchase American uranium interests despite the fact that it was under investigation by the FBI. APCO was paid millions by Rosatom for communications work in the years after the uranium sale went through.

So what's the Clinton Foundation's excuse?

Well, the foundation is not reporting the value of donated services, like the free communications and public relations work that APCO provided.

And refusing to report these "in kind" contributions has helped the Clintons hide their relationships with other foreign interests as well.

As The Hill reported, French financial giant Credit Agricole provided $1 million in free rent to the foundation in 2011 alone, but doesn't appear on the list of million-dollar donors.

And there may be a good reason for that.

In 2015, Credit Agricole paid $780 million to settle U.S. accusations that it violated trade sanctions with Cuba, Iran and Burma.

It's clear that the Clintons accepted… and are indebted to… foreign companies with ties to some of the worst regimes on the planet.

And we probably still don't know the whole story.

It's a frightening proposition, considering how close Hillary Clinton came to being elected president just last year.

Let's just be glad she wasn't.

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