Clinton SCANDAL Let Killers Off the Hook?!


Travelgate… Whitewater… Benghazi… mishandling classified emails.

Former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has spent her career embroiled in scandal.

But there’s one MAJOR scandal for which Clinton has never been held accountable.

And it proves once and for all that she’s deep in the pockets of Russian leaders… and all her talk about President Donald Trump colluding with Russia is total nonsense.

During her final years as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton bent over backwards to prevent the punishment of Russian government officials who were allegedly behind the brutal torture and killing of a lawyer who exposed a massive tax fraud scheme.

At the heart of the issue is the suspicious death of Russian attorney Sergei Magnitsky, who died in a Russian prison in 2009, at the age of 37.

Magnitsky, along with financier Bill Browder, uncovered in 2008 a massive tax fraud scheme that bilked the Russian Treasury out of $230 million. The plot allegedly involved Russian criminal investigators, judges, and members of organized crime who walked away with millions.

For blowing the whistle, Magnitsky was arrested on bogus charges, tortured in prison for nearly a year, denied medical care, and was reportedly beaten to death with rubber batons in November 2009.

When Browder tried to get justice for Magnitsky, by encouraging the U.S. government to deny visas and freeze the assets of Russian officials involved, he ran into a big obstacle.

The Hillary Clinton-led State Department.

As Browder writes in his book Red Notice, in 2010 Maryland Senator Ben Cardin personally sent Clinton a letter with the names of dozens of Russian officials who deserved to be sanctioned.

But Clinton and the State Department refused to act, reportedly worried about upsetting Russia. Clinton was completely comfortable letting Magnitsky’s murderers off the hook.

Clinton’s inaction allegedly occurred at around the same time her husband, former President Bill Clinton, was giving highly-paid speeches in Moscow.

The stonewalling by Clinton and the State Department was so egregious that members of Congress took matters into their own hands. A bipartisan coalition led by Cardin and Arizona Senator John McCain introduced the so-called “Magnitsky Act,” a piece of legislation that doled out the punishment that Clinton wouldn’t.

Even then, the Clinton-led State Department tried to torpedo the bill.

The Magnitsky Act was only signed by former President Obama in 2012 after members of Congress cleverly packaged it with a trade-related bill that Obama desperately wanted.

Ultimately, the Magnitsky Act was the only punishment that the alleged perpetrators of Magnitsky’s murderers received. And it spawned similar legislation in other countries.

But none of that was thanks to Hillary Clinton.

This so-called “champion of human rights” did her best to let alleged thieves, money launderers, and murderers to go free.

The Magnitsky affair, the shady sale of U.S. uranium rights to Russia, and the millions of Russian-backed donations that poured into the Clinton Foundation are all evidence that Clinton has been working tom advance Russian interests for years.

Now she wants to accuse Trump of Russian collusion? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

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