Joe Biden Facing Federal Investigation? (It’s About to Get Ugly)

Inappropriate behavior… embarrassing gaffes… and now shady foreign dealings? Find out why one political insider believes Joe Biden (and his family) could soon be under the microscope by federal investigators, and what this means for his 2020 campaign.


Secret Trump Immigration Ally Has Nancy Pelosi FREAKING OUT

What’s Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic pal’s WORST nightmare? A former illegal alien coming after their jobs! Get the details on the young Congressional hopeful that has Democrats FURIOUS (and why she supports President Trump).


OUCH! Obama Admits Biden CAN’T Be President

Democrats swear Joe Biden is the answer to their 2020 prayers. But his former boss and White House buddy doesn’t think so. Here’s what Barack Obama really thinks about Joe Biden. So much for best friends forever!

Republican presidential candidate Donald TrumpPolitics

[REVEALED] The $117 Million Trump Move Dems Never Saw Coming

Democrats think they have what it takes to take down President Trump in the 2020 election. But they weren’t counting on this secret, multi-million dollar move by the Republican Party. Learn more about the mountain of cash that could guarantee Trump’s re-election.

ballistic missiles launchingPolitics

[REVEALED] This Looming Threat Has Military Officials TERRIFIED

ISIS… North Korea… Iran. All are threats to the national security of the United States. But military officials warn that an even bigger threat is looming… and NOBODY is talking about it. Get the inside story of the new international threat that has the Pentagon scrambling.


Trump Pulls Off the IMPOSSIBLE… And No One is Paying Attention

While the liberal media has been busy criticizing President Donald Trump over this and that, Trump was busy fulfilling yet ANOTHER campaign promise right under their noses. Get the story that left Trump enemies speechless… and FURIOUS!


[REVEALED] Bernie’s Plan to Free THOUSANDS of Dangerous Criminals

Bernie Sanders says he a man of the people… even if they are dangerous criminals. Learn more about Bernie’s plan to release thousands of criminals that are behind bars back into the streets. This is a slap in the face to our law enforcement!


[REVEALED] This 50-Year-Old Secret Will Destroy Antifa THUGS!

They’ve intimidated, harassed, and even tried to MURDER American citizens. But the Justice Department just unveiled a 50-year-old secret weapon in the war against Antifa. Find out why Antifa thugs could finally go where they belong… behind bars!


[BOMBSHELL] Democrat’s Trip Sponsored by TERRORISTS

America-bashing Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar can’t seem to stay away from controversy these days. Get the shocking details of their undercover plans to meet with TERROR-linked groups… and why they’re being welcomed with open arms!


[EXPOSED] The Closed-Door Scandal This 2020 Candidate is Desperate to Hide

It’s been hidden from the public for nearly six years… and now it’s about to rear its ugly head and RUIN this powerful 2020 presidential candidate. Find out who tried sweeping this scandal under the rug and why his campaign is finished!

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