Millions of WOMEN Have Democrats Freaking Out

Republican women might have the power to turn this election on its head. The full story here.


[WATCH] Michael Bloomberg Declares WAR on Trump

Michael Bloomberg just launched a pre-election scheme that has many scratching their heads. Get the details here.


[BOMBSHELL] Elizabeth Warren’s Political Career Is FINISHED

While Elizabeth Warren has been busy pushing her own selfish agenda, her home state is pushing back.


Flashback! What Democrats REALLY Think of Illegal Immigration

President Trump has gotten tough on illegal immigration. But do top Democrats actually agree with him? Get the truth here.


[VIDEO] Top Democrat’s SHOCKING Election Prediction

Democrats are convinced they are going to dominate the 2018 midterms. But two top Democrats are freaking out. Find out why.


He’s Done! Progressives BETRAY Bernie Sanders

Is Bernie Sanders’ political career over? If you ask his progressive supporters, they say YES. Get the story here.


Amazing! Trump’s Economy Wins… AGAIN

Barack Obama said it couldn’t be done, but Trump managed to bring life back into the economy. Find out what Trump just did that Obama COULDN’T.


[REVEALED] The Liberal Media’s SIX Ugliest Scandals

Media bias has gotten out of control these days, here six scandals the liberal media tried hiding from the public.


Ouch! Bernie Sanders’ Pals Just Got DESTROYED… By Obama!

Progressives love to talk about change, but will they do anything about it? Barack Obama doesn’t think so. Get the details here.

Keith EllisonPolitics

Hit the Road! Democrats Tell Keith Ellison He’s FINISHED

Are Keith Ellison’s days as a politician finally over? Voters seem to think so. Get the full story here.

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