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Guess Who’s Running For President? (You Won’t Believe This)

Democrats are desperate to take back The White House. Find out who they are now considering for a 2020 run.

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America Has Spoken… Robert Mueller Must Go!

Americans are tired of Robert Mueller’s investigation, and there are numbers to prove it. Get the facts here.

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PROOF! James Comey PROTECTED Hillary Clinton

James Comey will deny he was protecting Hillary Clinton. But one of his loyal agents just exposed his lies. Get the facts here.

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Top Clinton Aide Headed to PRISON?

Did one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides lie to the FBI to cover up Clinton’s email crimes? Get the story here.

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[POLL] Americans LOVE Trump’s Economy

Learn why President Trump’s economic policies are making Americans happier than they’ve ever been.

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WINNING! Trump’s HUGE Overseas Victory

President Trump just ensured that our allies are doing their part to make the world a safer place. Get the details here.

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Elizabeth Warren Just Got TERRIBLE News

Democrats are desperate to find a candidate to oust President Trump. But Elizabeth Warren isn’t that person. Find out why.

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Chuck Schumer’s Secret Plan to SABOTAGE Trump

Congressional Democrats are desperate to block any of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominees. Find out why Chuck Schumer is leading the charge.

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Get Ready! Trump’s Supreme Court SHOCKER

Longtime Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is leaving. Who will replace him? Find out here.

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Bloomberg Declares WAR on Trump?

Michael Bloomberg is once again considering a run at The White House. Find out why.

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