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SAN FRANCISCO - JANUARY 15 2017:Nancy Pelosi, Democratic minority leader of the House of Representatives speaks to constituents after Healthcare rally at San Francisco city hall. - ImageCurrent Events

GOP Handed Nancy Pelosi TERRIBLE News on Tuesday

Democrats are ecstatic at the thought that their impeachment plan is working. But House Republicans just gave Nancy Pelosi and her friends some terrible news. Find out what news the GOP just broke to Pelosi that left her raging mad!

LOS ANGELES - AUG 06: Mark Cuban arrives for the ABC TCA Summer Press Tour 2017 on August 6, 2017 in Beverly Hills, CA - ImageCurrent Events

Mark Cuban Just Proved Liz Warren Can’t Be President (You’ll Love This)

He may have campaigned for Hillary Clinton back in 2016. But billionaire Mark Cuban thinks Elizabeth Warren is a huge hypocrite and has no business being president. Find out what Cuban said about Warren (and why he’s 100% right).

Current Events

YIKES! Bloomberg and Clinton Join the Race… And They’re Beating Trump?!

They are two of President Trump’s biggest enemies. But do Michael Bloomberg Hillary Clinton have what it takes to take down Trump in 2020? According to voters… YES! Learn about the Bloomberg/Clinton shakedown here.

NEW YORK CITY - APRIL 9 2016: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton campaigned in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, appearing with Congressional representative Nydia Velazquez. - ImageCurrent Events

Say It Ain’t So! Fox News Predicts HILLARY CLINTON Victory

It’s America’s worst nightmare, but could it really happen? According to Fox News… YES! Check out the jaw dropping poll that predicts how crooked Hillary Clinton ‘could’ beat President Trump and land her in the White House. This is SCARY news!

Washington, DC / USA - June 16 2015: Donald Trump's Presidential Announcement Speech - ImageCurrent Events

Experts Reveal Doomsday Scenario Where Trump STILL Wins!

It’s the Democratic Party’s worst nightmare! Experts are now predicting the country could fall into its darkest days… and President Trump will STILL win in 2020. Get the shocking story that proves Dems have no answers for Trump in 2020.

Detroit, Michigan / United States - July 24 2019: Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders takes the stage at the 110th NAACP convention's Presidential Candidates Forum in Detroit. - ImageCurrent Events

Meet Bernie Sanders’ Racist, Anti-Semite Pal (Who Supports Terrorists)

Bernie Sanders has been screaming about removing President Trump from office. But he was caught rubbing elbows with a racist who DEFENDS terrorist groups… and it was all caught on camera! Here’s the story he’s desperate to hide.

New York, NY - April 5, 2019: US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks during National Action Network 2019 convention at Sheraton Times Square. - ImageCurrent Events

[EXPOSED] The Bombshell Lawsuit AOC Will Do ANYTHING to Hide

It’s a story the liberal media didn’t want to touch, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wanted to hide…until now! Get the details on the bombshell lawsuit targeting AOC… and why she’s taking drastic measures to make it all go away.

NEW YORK - JUNE 25: Former US President Bill Clinton speaks at the Greater New York Billy Graham Crusade in Flushing Meadow Corona Park June 25, 2005 in the Queens borough of New York City. - ImageCurrent Events

#MeToo Movement Names Its Next Target… BILL CLINTON?!

The #MeToo movement has targeted Hollywood big shots and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Now is it FINALLY coming after Bill Clinton? Find out what renowned insider doesn’t think Slick Willy can hide from his sleazy past anymore!

Nashua, New Hampshire/USA - May 14, 2019 - House Party with Joe Biden, State Sen. Bette Lasky, and Dr. Elliot Lasky - ImageCurrent Events

He’s Toast! Fox News Breaks NEW Joe Biden Scandal

Despite his mounting scandals, Joe Biden continues to be the Democratic Party’s 2020 frontrunner. But could THIS bombshell be the final nail in Biden’s coffin?! Find out how Fox News just stayed one step ahead of Biden’s campaign… and why he’s freaking out!

Des Moines, Iowa - September 21, 2019: Bernie Sanders, Vermont Senator and Democratic Presidential Candidate, speaks to the crowd at a political rally. - ImageCurrent Events

Bernie Sanders Reveals His First Move of 2020 (Is He HIGH?!)

Fresh off a health scare that nearly took his life, Bernie Sanders just revealed what his first order of business would be if elected president… and it’s DEADLY! Learn about Sanders’ guarantee that could turn 2020 on its head.

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