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Mollie TibbettsCurrent Events

Two MAJOR Questions in Mollie Tibbetts Murder

The murder suspect’s sketchy past demands answers.

Democratic PartyCurrent Events

[REVEALED] The Democratic Presidential Nominee Is…

Has the Democratic Party finally found their candidate for 2020? Find out here.

chuck schumerCurrent Events

[Exposed] Chuck Schumer’s INSANE Russia Conspiracy Theory

Chuck Schumer has a crazy theory why Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Find out what it is.

Trump supportersCurrent Events

Violent THUGS Attacking Trump Supporters

The national media is REFUSING to cover it… or condemn it.

Donald TrumpCurrent Events

New Poll Has Trump’s Enemies FREAKING OUT

New numbers prove that Donald Trump is more popular than Barack Obama. Find out why.

presidentCurrent Events

Guess Who’s Running For President? (This Will Shock You)

One of President Trump’s biggest enemies is gunning for the White House. Find out who it is.

July 4thCurrent Events

FBI Stops DEADLY July 4th Terror Plot

Find out how authorities were able to stop a deadly terrorist attack from unfolding on July 4th.

Jim AcostaCurrent Events

Enough! Childish CNN Star HUMILIATED

CNN’s Jim Acosta is embarrassing good journalism each and every day. Find out why one former CNN employee had had enough of him.

Bernie SandersCurrent Events

Bernie Sanders PROVES He’s a Hypocrite (With ONE Tweet)

Bernie Sanders will stop at nothing to block President Trump from replacing Justice Anthony Kennedy. But his stance is completely hypocritical. Find out why.

ObamaCurrent Events

Here’s What Obama’s Been Up To (Disgusting)

What has Barack Obama been up to since he left office? Find out here.

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