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Meeting of the President of the United States Donald Trump with the President of Ukraine Petro PoroshenkoBreaking News

Trump FREES 77 Year-old Veteran (And Why Obama Locked Him Up)

President Trump might not get the respect he deserves, but that doesn’t stop him from fighting for everyday Americans. Find out how Trump just freed a wrongfully imprisoned Navy vet who was tossed in prison by the Obama administration.

S Vice President Joe Biden during a meeting with President of Ukraine Petro PoroshenkoBreaking News

FLASHBACK! The Time Biden BRIBED Putin with Oil Money

Joe Biden is tangled up in a web of his own lies... AGAIN! Get the story the story of deceit and bribery that has Biden AND Vladimir Putin’s fingertips all over it. Good old Joe may have forgot about this… but we didn’t!

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Nancy’s Revenge! Pelosi Goes to War with Liz Warren

White House hopeful Elizabeth Warren thinks she can manipulate the Democratic Party for her own political gain. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has other plans. Learn more about the brewing Pelosi/Warren feud that could turn Capitol Hill into a war zone!

FBI Director Robert Mueller said cyber securityBreaking News

Traitor! Bombshell Lawsuit Links Robert Mueller to 9/11 Terrorists

If you thought Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against President Trump was bad, just wait until read this. Find out why a new lawsuit has connected Robert Mueller to 9/11 TERRORISTS! This is government corruption and treason as its worst!

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[EXPOSED] Sanders’ Socialist Media COVER UP

Think you know everything about Bernie Sanders? Think again! Find out what major media outlet is covering up a new Sanders socialist bombshell, and why the lives of BILLIONS are at stake.

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[BOMBSHELL] Biden Just Lost the Dems the Election

Joe Biden was the Democrats last shot at a fighting chance to win the election… and he just S#!% THE BED! Find out what the former Vice President did and why it’s all OVER for the Democratic Party.

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[EXPOSED] Top Colleges Brainwashing Conservative Students?

These days it seems like all college students and millennials are liberals. But is that really true? Or have our nation’s top colleges and universities brainwashed these students with liberal propaganda? (Note: this story will make you FURIOUS!)

Democratic party presidential hopeful NJ Senator Cory Booker addresses a large crowd at the 19th annual King DayBreaking News

[REVEALED] 2020 Dem $3 TRILLION Socialist Takeover

2020 Democrats are getting even more aggressive on their ultra-progressive policies. But one Dem just revealed a plan that has SOCIALISM written all over it… and has Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez smiling from ear to ear. (Hint: It’s Not Bernie)

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Top Dems REVOLT Against ‘The Squad’ (Nancy Pelosi is ECSTATIC)

Did AOC just lose her impeachment battle? Here’s the story.

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AOC Caught Supporting Domestic Terrorists

Ocasio-Cortez just promoted violence in our streets. Here’s the story.

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