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Obama’s #1 Fans Admit: Trump is RIGHT About Iran

Some of Barack Obama’s biggest fans are finally admitting that Trump is right about Iran. Read more.

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[WATCH] DNC Brass Declares WAR on Religion

Did the DNC Chair just cross the line with this speech? Full story here.

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Proof! Bernie Sanders is MEGA Rich (What a Hypocrite)

Bernie Sanders just proved he’s a liar… Full story here.

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Clinton, Obama Buddies Facing FEDERAL Investigation?

Obama and Clinton’s pals were just busted. Will they face jail time?

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Joe Biden: “I’m the Most Qualified”

Former Vice President just made a BOLD claim. Full story here

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DNC Pals Behind Republican Cyberattack?

The House GOP was hacked… did this affect their chances in the midterms? Full story here.

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Violent THUGS Plotting Border Takeover (It’s Not the Caravan)

A group of Thugs are trying to undermine Trumps border policies...and it’s NOT the migrants. Full story here.

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[BREAKING] Trump Enemy #1 Announces 2020 Plans

One of Trump’s biggest critics plans to run in 2020. Full story here.

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Caught! Clintons Linked to $8 BILLION Pentagon Scandal

Bill and Hillary Clinton have been linked to a scheme to defraud the Pentagon of billions. Here’s the full story.

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[READ] George H.W. Bush’s Note That Changed the Presidency

Read the note from George Bush to Bill Clinton that completely changed the presidency.

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