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[BREAKING] Nancy Pelosi DUMPS Trump Impeachment?!

Nancy Pelosi isn’t afraid to hide her hatred for President Donald Trump. So why is she suddenly dropping her dubious Trump impeachment inquiry at the last minute? Find out why the impeachment hysteria is about to blow up in Nancy’s face.

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[WATCH] Bernie Sanders Bombshell Admission Leaves Liz Warren SHOCKED

Mr. ‘Democratic Socialist’ Bernie Sanders finally revealed his true colors. Check out the shocking on-camera admission that left his supporters (and Liz Warren) asking ‘Will the real Bernie Sanders please stand up?!’

Vice President Joseph Biden delivers his speech from at the podium at the Democratic National Nominating ConventionBreaking News

Top Political Insider Predicts Biden ‘Collapse’ (Replaced by WHO?!)

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is spiraling out of control. Now one of the world’s top political insiders is predicting this ‘blast from the past’ will step in and replace Biden. Find out what Democratic has-been could be diving into the 2020 race.

President Donald Trump disembarks Air Force One in Ronkonkoma, NY, Friday, July 28, 2017. - ImageBreaking News

[EMERGING] Authorities Nab 14-Year-Old Plotting to KILL Trump

Unhinged, radical liberals want President Trump out of office… and some even off the planet! Get the shocking details on how law enforcement foiled an attempt on Trump’s life, and the chilling background of the suspect that has authorities STUNNED!

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D.C. Stunner! Ted Cruz and AOC Join Forces (And You’ll Love It)

He’s a staunch conservative… she’s a raging liberal… and now they’re working together. Find out why Ted Cruz and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have decided to team up to fight social injustice… and why you’ll be applauding the move!

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Warren’s $1.25 TRILLION Lie (Caught on Camera)

If we know one thing about Elizabeth Warren, it’s that she’s a complete LIAR. Find out how four words just proved Warren is a fraud and why it could cost American taxpayers TRILLIONS. Here’s the story.

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[WATCH] Unhinged Hillary Clinton Ready to Challenge Trump… AGAIN?!

Hillary Clinton just can’t get over her embarrassing 2016 loss to Donald Trump. So, she’s doing everything possible to make the American people believe she could win if she had another chance. Did Clinton just challenge Trump in THIS video? Find out here.

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[WATCH] Nancy Pelosi FURIOUS After Seeing This CNN Bombshell

CNN has practically made it sport to trash President Trump. But the liberal network did the unthinkable over the weekend and admitted impeaching Trump is a BAD MOVE. Check out the shocking footage that left Nancy Pelosi fuming mad!

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[JUST IN] Loud-Mouth AOC Being Dragged to COURT?!

Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex can sure dish it out… but she can’t take it. Find out why AOC’s being dragged to court for doing the very thing she complains about. (Hint: First Amendment violation?)

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Could ‘Medicare for All’ Have KILLED Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders is alive and well after an emergency heart procedure this week. But Sanders is using his near-death experience to tout his socialist ‘Medicare for All’ plan. But would Sanders have really been saved by his plan? One medical insider reveals the TRUTH.

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