BUSTED! Mueller Filed FAKE Criminal Charges

Robert Mueller

It’s no secret that Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election is a total fraud.

He’s spent months – and millions of taxpayer dollars – on an investigation that has turned up zero results.

Mueller is so desperate that he’s even indicted Trump associates for alleged crimes that occurred before they even KNEW Trump.

But now Mueller has sunk to a new low…

He’s been caught pursuing criminal charges against companies that DON’T EVEN EXIST.

As first reported by The Daily Wire, one of the Russian companies accused by Mueller of funding a conspiracy to meddle in the 2016 U.S. presidential election is Concord Catering.

There’s just one problem with that…

Concord Catering didn’t exist in 2016.

According to court records, U.S. Magistrate Judge G. Michael Harvey asked attorney Eric Dubelier, who is representing Russian company Concord Management and Consulting LLC, if he was representing Concord Catering, too.

That’s a reasonable question. After all, Concord Catering is also listed in Mueller’s indictment.

Here’s what Dubelier had to say:

“We're not. And the reason for that, Your Honor, is I think we're dealing with a situation of the government having indicted the proverbial ham sandwich. That company didn't exist as a legal entity during the time period alleged by the government.”

In the legal world, the term "indict a ham sandwich" refers to government prosecutors having so much influence over grand juries that they could get them to "indict a ham sandwich."

And that seems to be exactly what happened here.

Mueller must be a MASTER sandwich artist, because he somehow convinced a grand jury to indict a company that wasn’t even operating at the time.

And because it was a catering company, Mueller may have both figuratively and literally indicted a ham sandwich.

Sorry, we couldn’t resist…

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Mueller has conjured up figments of his imagination to justify his probe.

Back in February, Mueller’s indictments of 13 Russian Internet trolls and three Russian companies were all over the news. It was the supposed ‘bombshell’ in Mueller’s case. But these indictments were no bombshell.

In fact, they were practically PLAGIARIZED from an old Russian news article… one that ran MONTHS prior.

Much of the information in Mueller’s ‘bombshell’ indictment earlier this year was already in Russian reporter Andrey Zakharov’s 4,500-word article in a Russian business magazine, RBC.

After months spent investigating Russian election interference… with practically unlimited resources… fabricating  information has been the best Mueller can do.

This further validates what a waste of time and taxpayer money this investigation has been.

Mueller is desperate to produce results… and he’s going about it in the most pathetic way possible.

What a fraud.


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