[Breaking] Obama Helped Top Terrorist Escape


Former President Barack Obama promised he was using the full might of the United States government to pursue the deadliest terrorists on the planet.

But evidence is mounting that Obama let a cold-blooded murderer escape… all so Obama could get rid of a major political headache.

A bombshell Washington Times report has exposed how Obama and his cronies were personally responsible for the escape of known terrorist and killer Abdullah al-Shami.

Al-Shami was the reported mastermind behind a 2009 suicide bombing in Afghanistan that left seven Central Intelligence Agency agents dead.

That alone should have been enough reason to kill al-Shami and bring him to justice.

But it looks like Obama had other plans.

Al-Shami was an American citizen, and, according to the Washington Times, there was debate in the White House about whether it was permissible to kill him.

The CIA spent years tracking al-Shami and had him under tight drone surveillance.

The order to kill al-Shami never came… but something else did.

In 2014, someone from the Obama Administration leaked to the press all the details about the drone program and the surveillance on al-Shami.

And, suddenly, he was gone.

“There’s no question this guy got wind of the reports,” a source told the Washington Times. “The leak gave him a heads-up, and he suddenly disappeared. We lost our bead on him.”

CIA officials believe the Obama Administration intentionally leaked details of the surveillance to help al-Shami escape, so they wouldn’t have to deal with the repercussions of killing an American citizen.

And they point out that this was a pattern – White House officials regularly leaked sensitive and classified information to benefit Obama politically.

As the Washington Times reported:

“In interviews with several current and former officials, the al-Shami case was cited as an example of what critics say was the Obama White House’s troublesome tendency to mishandle some of the nation’s most delicate intelligence — especially regarding the Middle East — by leaking classified information in an attempt to sway public opinion on sensitive matters.”

Al-Shami was eventually captured alive and flown to the U.S. to face trial. But not before Obama blew the chance to kill him and avenge seven CIA officers.

“We literally had a bead on this guy’s head and just needed authorization from Washington to pull the trigger,” a source said.

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