[Breaking] Media Hid Hillary Bombshell!

Hillary Clinton

President Donald Trump hasn’t had too many flattering things to say about the American mainstream media.

He’s called the media “dishonest” and even accused it of spreading “fake news.”

Now, there’s even more proof that top reporters have been quietly working behind the scenes to sabotage Trump.

Major media organizations were apparently aware of a major scandal involving Trump rival Hillary Clinton in 2016.

And they reportedly sat on the story in a fruitless attempt to get Clinton elected.

According to Paul Sperry, a journalist with the New York Post and a former bureau chief with Investor’s Business Daily, the Washington, D.C. press corps knew in September 2016 that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was behind the infamous “Trump Dossier.”

The dossier was full of scandalous – and since discredited – allegations against President Trump, focusing on everything from his overseas dealings to his sex life.

Sperry, citing a former Trump campaign adviser, says journalists admitted they knew two months before the 2016 election that Clinton’s camp was funding the bogus dossier.

But instead of reporting on it, which could have ruined Clinton’s chances of being elected, they decided not to print the story.

“They SAT ON that critical information for a FULL YEAR and acted as if the dossier was legit intel,” Sperry reported through his Twitter account.

It wasn’t until October 2017, nine months into Trump’s presidency, that the Washington Post published a bombshell report revealing that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund the dossier.

So why did the media sit on the story for a year? Presumably to help Clinton win and make sure Trump never reached the Oval Office.

It’s the latest proof that the media is full of politically biased reporters and editors who are out to ruin Trump.

Spreading fake news is bad enough.

But refusing to publish real news… all to help Clinton and her liberal agenda… may be even worse.

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