[BOMBSHELL] Michelle Obama Exposes Her Husband’s Biggest LIES

The Obamas like to paint a pretty picture of themselves for the American people.

In fact, it’s been three years since Barack Obama has been in office and they continue to push the narrative that the Obama administration was squeaky clean.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that former first lady Michelle Obama recently told CBS reporter Gayle King in an interview that her husband’s administration had “no scandal.”

She began by comparing her husband’s inauguration to President Trump’s, “you could look at his crowd and you would see America. All of it… And I had to sit in [Trump’s] audience, one of a handful of people of color and then listen to that speech, and all that I had sort of held onto for eight years, watching my husband get raked over the coals, feeling like we had to do everything perfectly, you know, no scandal…’

“No Nothing,” Obama continued.

The former first lady can say all she’d like about her husband’s time in the Oval, but here are 10 of the biggest scandals the Obama administration is hoping you forgot about…

#10 Turning Mexico into a War Zone

The Obama Administration, through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, oversaw a “gun walking” operation dubbed as “Fast and Furious.”

Agents looked the other way on the illegal sale of guns, hoping to trace the firearms to Mexican cartels.

The result? Total disaster.

The guns were used for attacks on Mexican police, military, and civilians.

One of the illegal guns may have even played a role in the 2010 murder of Border Agent Brian Terry. Thanks, Obama!

#9 Illegal IRS Targeting

Under Obama, the Internal Revenue Service was repeatedly accused of improperly attacking the tax-exempt status of conservative groups. Former IRS executive Lois Lerner was even held in Contempt of Congress.

Just last year, the Justice Department settled a wave of lawsuits resulting from the discrimination. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said it was “clear” the IRS was using “inappropriate criteria.”

#8 Veterans Dying on Waiting Lists

America’s veterans were being denied the health care they earned… and it all happened on Obama’s watch. In 2014, it was revealed that officials at Veterans Health Administration facilities in Phoenix were fudging data on waiting lists in order to get fat bonuses.

At least 40 Phoenix-area veterans died waiting for care – and the nationwide number is likely staggering.

President Trump has spent the first year of his presidency trying to clean up Obama’s VA mess.

#7 Illegal Spying on the Trump Campaign

The Obama Administration used the infamous “Trump Dossier”… a discredited document funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign… to spy on Trump and his associates during the 2016 election.

This represents unprecedented abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), and unprecedented meddling by a sitting U.S. president in a presidential election.

Obama and his cronies used a junk document to spy on his enemies. Is that enough of a scandal?

#6 The Solar Scandal Where EVERYONE Got Burned

Obama decided to go “green”… and he spent a lot of taxpayer green to do it.

In 2009, the politically-connected solar energy firm Solyndra got more than half a billion dollars in federal loans. It closed shop shortly after, leaving taxpayers on the hook.

Obama may not remember this scandal – but American citizens sure do.

#5 Eric Holder Makes History… in the Worst Possible Way

In 2012, Eric Holder became the first sitting U.S. Attorney General ever held in both criminal and civil Contempt of Congress. At issue was Holder’s alleged refusal to fully cooperate into an investigation of the Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal.

Holder now has a permanent place in America’s history books. And he became the face of the lawless attitude perpetrated by the Obama Administration.

#4 Paying Ransom for American Hostages

Obama has always denied paying ransom for U.S. hostages held by Iran. But the facts aren’t exactly on his side.

Airplanes loaded with $400 million in unmarked cash were sent to Iran in January 2016, under Obama. Four American hostages were released shortly thereafter.

President Trump says there’s no confusion about what really happened. Obama paid ransom to a known state sponsor of terrorism, in long-standing violation of American policy.

#3 The Notorious Tarmac Meeting

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and ex-President Bill Clinton had a secret meeting on a Phoenix airport tarmac in June 2016.

Just days later, former FBI boss James Comey publicly declined to prosecute Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information.

Lynch and Bill Clinton claimed they talked about grandkids. If you believe that, we have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

This is just one example of the gross incompetence displayed by the Obama Administration in investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server for sensitive emails while Secretary of State.

Most Americans would call that an embarrassing scandal.

#2 Benghazi? Did He Really Forget Benghazi?

The 2012 attacks on the Benghazi diplomatic compound in Libya left four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, dead.

It also led to questions about why the Obama Administration allowed such lax security in Benghazi, and why U.S. forces didn’t intervene to save American lives.

It was one of the greatest tragedies and embarrassments of Obama’s presidency (and may have helped cost former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the presidency). But now it looks like Obama has conveniently forgotten it.

#1 Obama Lends a Hand to Terrorist Drug-Runners

Late last year, a story surfaced that left Americans enraged.

The Obama Administration refused to prosecute members of the terror group Hezbollah who were smuggling a fortune in cocaine into America.

Why? Because Obama and his cronies were reportedly worried about upsetting a failing nuclear deal with Iran, one of Hezbollah’s biggest supporters.

The Obama Administration essentially became complicit in running illegal, deadly drugs into America. All to help a terror group and a nation that hates the United States.

And Obama STILL claims his presidency was scandal-free?

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