Americans NEVER Wanted Mueller Investigation (This Poll Proves It)

For nearly three years, Democrats told the nation President Donald Trump was going to be found guilty of colluding with Russia during his 2016 campaign.

And they were convinced the American people wanted it to be true.

When the Justice Department released part of the report, it declared that Robert Mueller and his team were unable to find Trump or his campaign guilty of conspiring with the Russian government during the 2016 elections.

And when attorney general William Barr released the findings he clearly stated that the investigation did not in any way exonerate the president.

But with one simple poll, the Congressional Democrats may have been the only ones who believed in this “witch-hunt”.

As first reported by The Hill, most U.S. voters accept special counsel Robert Mueller’s conclusion that President Trump did not conspire with Russia. Even more, they believe congressional Democrats should follow suit.

Thanks to a Harvard CAPS/Harris poll there’s PROOF the Democrats were dead-wrong.

According to the poll, sixty-four percent said that they accept Mueller’s conclusion and sixty-one percent agree with the finding. While only 36 percent of voters rejected the conclusion and thirty-nine disagreed with it.

The poll which was surveyed just days after the Mueller’s findings were released also found that sixty-eight percent of American voters want Democratic lawmakers to accept Mueller’s conclusion, rather than fight it.

Mark Penn, co-director of the poll stated, “Americans are overall accepting the findings of Robert Mueller and putting investigations in the rear view mirror.”

Furthermore, the poll also pointed out that regardless of the investigation and allegations, Trump’s votes in the coming years were not going to be affected.

Fifty-four percent of respondents said the findings did not affect their support for Trump, while only twenty-two percent said that the conclusion makes them less likely to back the president.

The Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll was taken by 1,437 registered U.S. voters and was conducted just this week from March 25-26.



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