America Just Built a Military FORTRESS in South Korea

North Korean madman Kim Jong Un is playing with his rockets again, launching another ballistic missile this week.

But if this tyrant wants to start trouble on the Korean peninsula, the United States military will be more than ready.

In fact, America has now turned a South Korean military base, Camp Humphreys, into a virtual fortress in preparation for war.

The $11 billion expansion for the base located near the Pyeongtaek Harbor is almost finished.

This state-of-the-art base, active since 1950, has tripled in size to 3,500 acres and is now around the size of a small city. Camp Humphreys has the potential to house 36,000 troops, who will be ready to rain destruction down on Kim Jong Un and his "Hermit Kingdom."

Located just 60 miles from the Demilitarized Zone, Camp Humphreys will be a major staging point if the U.S. engages in military conflict with North Korea.

Some experts have warned that having such a large base in South Korea could be dangerous. It's like putting a target on our backs... especially since Camp Humphreys is within North Korea's rocket range.

But our military has planned for that, too.

Camp Humphreys is equipped with some of the best defense weaponry in the world.

And the U.S. military keeps air missiles at our close-by Osan air base, ready to fend off any North Korean rocket that comes our way.

The expansion of Camp Humphreys is the latest evidence that President Donald Trump isn't joking when he says the time for placating Kim Jong Un is over.

Instead, preparations for conflict are well underway. And if Kim Jong Un has any sense left, he won't test the fighting men and women now occupying this massive military base.

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