[Alert] Hillary Clinton STOLE Your Phone Number

Hillary Clinton

She may not be president of the United States.

But Hillary Clinton is still the Queen of Hypocrisy.

She claims she supports women and the “Me Too” movement – even though she’s spent her career trashing the victims of her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

And she’s still screaming about Russian collusion in the 2016 election – even though her campaign started the entire rumor by funding the discredited “Trump Dossier.”

But now Clinton has crossed the line… again.

Clinton supporters are up in arms over the actions of Cambridge Analytica, a firm that allegedly mined Facebook data to help President Donald Trump’s campaign.

But guess what? Clinton’s campaign did PRACTICALLY THE SAME THING.

In fact, Clinton and her cronies may have stolen your phone number and other contact information.

And we’ll show you EXACTLY how you can tell.

As Fox News recently reported, Clinton’s campaign used a smartphone app that was a blatant violation of millions of Americans’ privacy.

Here’s how it worked…

A Clinton supporter would download the app. Then, the app would comb through all of the user’s phone contacts, and try to match those phone numbers with online Facebook profiles.

The supposed goal of the app was to make is easier to share information on Clinton’s campaign with your contacts on Facebook.

But let’s be serious… the app was doing A LOT more than that.

It was culling your phone number and other contact information, even if you never downloaded the app yourself… or even if you weren’t a Clinton supporter.

So if you had any friends who had your phone number in their contacts list – and who also downloaded the Clinton app -- your contact information may have been compromised.

Even if your friends (or the Clinton campaign) never shared pro-Clinton messages with you on Facebook, the campaign still may have accessed your phone number against your wishes.

It’s just the latest proof that the media has a second set of rules as far as Clinton is concerned.

Mainstream news networks are trying to crucify Trump’s campaign over its relationship with Cambridge Analytica.

Meanwhile, Clinton was engaged in shockingly similar behavior – and nobody is saying a word.

Maybe it’s time for Clinton to start personally calling Americans to apologize.

She certainly collected enough of our phone numbers.

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