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Our aim at America Uncensored is simple…

At a time when you’re overwhelmed by Facebook shares, Tweet storms, websites, social media and 24/7 cable news… we uncover the real news “they” don’t want you to hear.

There’s never been a more important time for this service than now.

I ought to know. I used to work for “them”. For 20 years I was in mainstream news. I’ve seen how honest reporting has turned into shameless axe-grinding.

Now… in response to demands from mainstream media outlets, Facebook is cracking down on what it calls “fake news” in its Trending Topics.

Only the stories covered by a “significant number” of “credible publishers” will make the cut.

Do you think it’s fair for a website that reaches 1.79 billion active users to have this kind of power? And to use that power to cram even more mainstream slop down your throat?

Neither do we.

At America Uncensored, we search wide and dig deep to find news that the people at the top of the global power structure don’t want you to know.

We cover it all. Headline news that blows the lid off power-hungry politicians’ real agendas. Financial news uncovering hidden forces that can shock the economy and markets. Health news revealing little-known breakthroughs that can extend your healthy years. Lifestyle news showing you ways to safeguard your home and family that you’ll never see on the nightly news.

Sometimes it’ll make you mad. Other times it could make you wealthier. Or healthier. Or show you how to live a life with more freedom — the freedom “they” work so hard to deny you.

It’s a quick read. Each morning we’ll email you a short summary of five articles that deliver what news is supposed to be — information that empowers you to be a more informed citizen and not a cog in “their” machine.