These 5 Questions Will RUIN Hillary Clinton

By Gary McIntyre

It’s the news that Hillary Clinton must have been dreading… and that probably has her shaking in her pantsuit.

The founder of Fusion GPS – the firm that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee secretly paid to write the infamous “Trump Dossier” – has struck a deal to testify before the House Intelligence Committee next week.

And that’s very bad news for Clinton.

Fusion founder Glenn Simpson will answer questions under oath next week and not plead the 5th Amendment, as he had initially intended to do.

Fusion is in the middle of a major scandal for producing the dossier, which contains slanderous allegations against Trump and which has been widely discredited. And while Fusion will still not release its bank records to Congress, Simpson could reveal a great deal about just what Clinton knew, and when she knew it.

Here are five questions that Simpson will definitely be asked. His answers could lead to criminal charges against Clinton, and may end up destroying her legacy forever.

#5: Was Hillary Clinton Trying to Skirt Election Laws?

The money paid to Fusion was routed through a third-party law firm, Perkins Coie. This has raised serious questions about whether the Clinton campaign was deliberately violating federal campaign finance laws that call for transparency. A complaint has already been filed against Clinton with the Federal Election Commission.

#4: How Closely Did the Clinton Campaign Collaborate With Russia?

Clinton has been complaining for a year that Russian interference cost her the 2016 presidential election. But maybe it was Clinton who was really colluding with the Russians.

Many of the allegations in the Trump Dossier have been traced back to Russian intelligence sources. So did Clinton or her campaign know the Russians were involved – and were they actively collaborating with Russia in any way? If Clinton or her campaign were working with the Russians, her already-spotty reputation will never recover.

#3: Did Clinton Know the Dossier Wasn’t True?

A Congressional investigation has been unable to corroborate the sensational allegations in the dossier. It’s looking more and more like a fictional hit piece designed to destroy Trump – with the help of the Russians.

Now, we need to know whether Clinton and her cronies knowingly spread false information about Trump. This could result in multi-million-dollar defamation litigation, if Trump is so inclined.

#2: Were Journalists Bribed to Write Hit Pieces About Trump?

Fusion has gone to court to prevent the release of its bank records, after Congress demanded to know whether payments had been made to journalists. What are they hiding?

While those bank records remain sealed, we should still expect the question to come up. Did Fusion pay reporters to smear Trump – and, if so, did the money come from the Clinton campaign or the DNC? You can bet both Clinton and the mainstream media are sweating bullets over this line of questioning.

#1: Did Clinton Rope Barack Obama Into the Dossier Scandal?

Information surfaced late last month that former President Barack Obama’s campaign, Obama for America, funneled nearly $1 million to the law firm Perkins Coie. And the payments happened at the same time that Perkins Coie was hiring Fusion.

Was Obama, at the behest of Clinton or the DNC, actively involved in the creation of this anti-Trump document? If so, it would represent a disgraceful interference in the 2016 election, and would damage both Clinton’s and Obama’s legacies.

There could be plenty of fireworks next week. While the date for the testimony has not been confirmed – and it will reportedly happen behind closed doors – expect the information to leak (it always does).

Stay posted for updates!


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