5 HUUUGE Trump Predictions for 2018


President Donald Trump promised he would “drain the swamp” and make America great again.

And he spent 2017 doing just that. He removed America from bad trade deals, presided over one of the great stock market rallies in recent history, and added jobs all across the United States.

But Trump is just getting started. Here are our 5 HUUUGE Trump predictions for 2018. Here’s a hint – Trump’s enemies will not be happy.

#5 Trump Will Be Exonerated By Robert Mueller

Special counsel Robert Mueller spent 2017 grasping at straws in his probe of whether Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election. And it shows.

The evidence of Russian meddling was always scant at best. And Mueller has spent his time indicting people like former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort for alleged crimes that occurred before Manafort even met Trump.

Expect a couple more insignificant indictments as Mueller tries to justify all the time and money he has spent. But Mueller won’t find anything on Trump, because there’s nothing to find – and Mueller will eventually have to admit it.

#4: ISIS is Finished Off for Good

Trump promised he would wipe the terror group ISIS off the face of the Earth – and he’s well on his way.

ISIS has reportedly lost 98% of its territory since Trump took office and started delegating more authority to military leaders on the ground.

By the end of 2018, thanks to Trump, ISIS will have no significant foothold left in the Middle East. Sure, they’ll keep putting out their propaganda videos – but ISIS is finished.

#3 Democrats Will Try to Impeach Trump (At Least Twice)

Congressional Democrats have a real problem on their hands. They have no good reason to impeach Trump – but rabid, liberal voters are continuing to insist that they try.

Multiple impeachment efforts and resolutions fell flat in 2017. But expect Democrats to keep trying in 2018 – and to keep getting miserable results.

#2 Trump Will Replace Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Trump and Tillerson had a tough time coexisting in 2017 – and there’s no reason to think that situation will improve in 2018. Trump likely hasn’t acted on Tillerson yet because of the optics of replacing a high-ranking Cabinet official so early into Trump’s first term.

But reports have surfaced that Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo is already on tap to take over Tillerson’s job. Expect that to happen this year.

#1 Obama Officials Are Headed to Prison (Courtesy of Trump)

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has already started a probe (almost certainly under Trump’s orders) into whether the Obama Administration allowed the terror group Hezbollah to smuggle cocaine into America to avoid upsetting a nuclear deal with Iran.

Several federal law enforcement officials have already spoken out, and the evidence appears solid. This scandal could be bigger than Watergate – and you can bet on Congressional hearings and prosecutions in 2018.

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