5 Dark Horse Candidates for President

By Gary McIntyre

President Donald Trump hasn’t been in office a full year yet. But the race to challenge him in 2020 is already heating up.

In just the past week, there’s been talk of former Vice President Joe Biden throwing his hat in the ring… and of Hillary Clinton making another run for the presidency (yes, really).

But 2020 is promising a lot of surprises for both Republicans and Democrats. Here are five dark-horse candidates who could make a lot of noise in the race… and who nobody is talking about.

#5 Cory Booker (Democratic Senator, New Jersey)

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is flying under the radar – and that probably suits him just fine. The former mayor of Newark was reportedly considered as a running mate for Hillary Clinton, and he’s wildly popular with younger voters.

Booker is only 48 right now, played football for Stanford, and is a former Rhodes Scholar. He’s considered a moderate (which Democrats need), is highly intelligent, and also has an every-man appeal. He’d be a serious contender in any political race.

#4 Mark Cuban (Republican Investor)

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban is a Trump antagonist who has publicly flirted with a presidential run. He has a net worth of more than $3 billion, which is plenty to get a campaign off the ground.

While Cuban is mainly a Republican, and could challenge Trump in a primary, don’t rule out an independent bid. That would fit nicely with Cuban’s maverick style.

#3 Roy Moore (Republican Senate Candidate, Alabama)

Hear me out on this one… Former Alabama Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore is fighting for his political life after accusations that he had inappropriate relationships with underage girls.

But Moore is also a man scorned. He’s been abandoned by the Republican National Committee and chastised by GOP brass, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. And if you expect Roy Moore to go away quietly, well, then you don’t know Roy Moore.

If Moore loses his Senate bid, expect him to make trouble for the Republican establishment. That could include riling up his supporters to back a presidential run.

#2 Terry McAuliffe (Democrat, Former Governor of Virginia)

There’s a battle for control of the Democratic party between the Clintons and, well, everyone else. And McAuliffe could soon find himself right in the middle of it.

McAuliffe has been a close confidante of the Clintons for years. And while he’s recently tried to distance himself from the Clintons and raise his national profile, he’s still their guy. Expect the Clinton political machine to try to nudge McAuliffe into the 2020 race.

#1 Michelle Obama (Former First Lady)

Michelle Obama left the White House with a higher approval rating than anyone in the Obama Administration. Whether she did anything significant to earn it is another story.

Top Democratic operatives are reportedly trying to draft Obama for a presidential run. Her lack of political experience – and whether the Obamas want to stay in politics – will loom large over the decision.

And the Obamas are close with Joe Biden. So if he runs, Michelle Obama may sit 2020 out. If Biden withdraws, expect the Michelle Obama talk to gain steam.

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