5 Christmas Miracles That Will Leave You SPEECHLESS


On the very first Christmas, the world witnessed a miracle – the birth of Jesus Christ to a virgin mother.

More than 2,000 years later, Christmas remains a season of miracles.

Here are five real Christmas miracles that will leave you stunned… and that will fill you with the Christmas spirit.

Miracle #5: The 1914 Christmas Truce

On December 25, 1914, at the height of World War I, the strangest thing happened. British and German troops set aside their weapons, walked out of their trenches, and exchanged Christmas greetings.

They shook hands, posed for photos, and even reportedly played soccer together. British Captain A.D. Chater, writing home to his mother, claimed, “I think I have seen today one of the most extraordinary sights that anyone has ever seen.”

Miracle #4: “Hatbox” Baby

On Christmas Eve 1931, Ed and Julie Stewart got a flat tire in the middle of the Arizona desert. To their surprise, they noticed a strange hatbox on the ground – and lying in it was an abandoned baby girl.

There were no nearby towns. And the baby, who went on to be known as Sharon Elliott, would have died if the Stewarts had not gotten their flat.

There was stiff competition to adopt the “Hatbox Baby.” Elliott was raised by a wonderful family and carved out a career in the aerospace industry.

Miracle #3: The Invincible Window Washer

In 2007, Alcides Moreno was working as a window washer in New York City. His scaffolding collapsed and he fell 47 stories to the ground below.

Alcides slipped into a coma, and nobody was sure whether he’s ever come out of it. But he did – on Christmas day.

Even better? Alcides learned to walk again and even completed a charity walk in 2014.

Miracle #2: The Penny Bicycle

Dot Williams of Georgia submitted a great story to Reader’s Digest a few years back.

As a young mother, she was making 75 cents an hour – but her three children all wanted bicycles.

So Dot put three bikes on layaway in January, and spent 11 months trying to pay them off in time for Christmas. But a week before Christmas, she was still $14.50 short.

Her son, Ricky, asked if he could contribute his penny jar to the bikes, but Dot told him it wouldn’t be enough.

But just like the story of the fish and the loaves from the Bible, Ricky’s pennies kept coming… and coming… and coming. He’d saved up exactly $15.50 in pennies – enough to get the bikes, pay for gas to the store, and save Christmas.

Miracle #1: The Crossing of the Delaware

Every good American knows that George Washington crossed the Delaware River with the Continental Army in 1776.

But what lots of people don’t realize is that the famous crossing began on Christmas Day.

Washington’s mission was icy and perilous, but it led to a significant victory over the British and the capture of 1,000 troops.

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