Hillary Clinton

FBI Caught DESTROYING Hillary Evidence?!

The FBI is holding back months of information on the botched Hillary Clinton email investigation.


[Leaked] Secret Memo Will DESTROY Obama!

Did Obama engage in KGB-style tactics to bring down his enemies?


Cover-Up! Obama’s DEADLY Deal With Iran

Obama cut a secret deal that allows Iran to crush protests among its people.

Michael Wolff

BUSTED! Trump Author Caught in MAJOR Lie

That new book slamming President Trump? It looks like it was all based on one big lie.


[Breaking] Trump to ARREST Top Politicians?!

President Donald Trump promised that he was going to restore law and order to America’s immigration policies. And some of the most prominent politicians in America are about to learn the hard way that Trump wasn’t joking around. In fact, in a matter of weeks, the mayors of some of the largest cities in the...


[Exposed] The Biggest LIE About Trump

President Donald Trump has been the target of non-stop attacks and lies from his political enemies and the press. They claim he hates Haitians… even though he personally funded medical missions to keep hundreds of Haitians from going blind. They accuse Trump of being anti-Semitic… even though his daughter, son-in-law and grandkids are all Jewish....

Hillary Clinton

INDICTED! Feds Close In On Hillary

Major indictments have just been handed down in the Uranium One scandal. Could Hillary Clinton be next?


Trump Has a New Wall Plan (It’s GENIUS)

President Trump’s enemies say there’s no way he can get Mexico to pay for a border wall. But he’s about to prove them all wrong.


5 Politicians Heading to Jail in 2018

From statehouses to the U.S. Capitol, corruption in politics is rampant. And while most politicians are never held accountable for their crimes, every now and then justice is served. Several politicians over the years have gone from the highest reaches of power to prison – like former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner....

Hillary Clinton

Hillary CAUGHT in Bizarre FBI Plot?!

Did a company that received a fortune from Hillary Clinton’s campaign work behind the scenes to secretly kill and FBI investigation?


Whoa! CIA Reveals CRAZY “Love Child” Plot

It may be the wildest stunt the CIA ever attempted… and it’s being declassified for the first time.

[Revealed] The TRUTH About Trump’s Mental Health

President Donald Trump’s enemies will do anything to remove him from office. And they’re not above resorting to sleazy, gutter-level tactics to do it. Their latest strategy? Convince the American public that Trump is stupid, mentally ill, or possibly suffering from dementia. Michael Wolff’s new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, makes...

Hillary Clinton

[Breaking] Media Hid Hillary Bombshell!

The media knew that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was behind the discredited “Trump Dossier” – and they buried the story for months.

Michael Wolff

Trump Book Writer Has a NASTY Secret

Liberals are giddy over a new tell-all on President Trump that’s hitting bookshelves. But there’s something about the author that they don’t want you to know.

hillary clinton

Lock Her Up! Hillary DESTROYED Criminal Evidence?

New evidence has emerged that Hillary Clinton and her cronies tampered with criminal evidence. Could Clinton finally be facing criminal charges?


Trump Just BLASTED Obama on Terror (He’s Right)

If Democrats were hoping that President Donald Trump made a New Year’s resolution to give up Twitter, they must be sorely disappointed. Trump started 2018 with a social media flourish, sending tweets calling for Department of Justice investigations into former FBI Director James Comey and longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin. But one tweet in...

Hillary Clinton

Did Hillary BRIBE Trump Accusers?!

Hillary Clinton’s top donors were secretly funding the sexual harassment campaign against President Trump – and we weren’t supposed to know a thing about it.


5 HUUUGE Trump Predictions for 2018

President Donald Trump helped reshape America in 2017 – and he’s just getting started. Here are 5 things Trump is guaranteed to do in 2018.

trump china north korea

Trump’s GENIUS Move Has China Panicking

China just learned the hard way not to underestimate President Trump. And his brilliant move could end up saving American lives.

Donald Trump

Cabinet Plotting to REMOVE Trump?!

A top Washington insider says President Trump’s cabinet is plotting to remove him from office. Is Trump really in danger?

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