Is George Soros a Terrorist? We’re About to Find Out

Billionaire George Soros has spent years funneling money to liberal groups, including some with a history of violence. Now the Trump Administration must decide whether to declare Soros a terrorist.

The Top 5 Moments From Trump’s UN Speech

President Donald Trump had some tough words for the United Nations yesterday – and they were exactly what the global body needed to hear. Here are the 5 best moments from Trump’s speech.

Proof! Liar Obama Bugged Trump Campaign

President Donald Trump has been claiming for months that the Obama Administration bugged his presidential campaign. Now we have the smoking-gun proof that Trump was right all along.

Trump Sets HUUUGE New Record (And Liberals Are NOT Happy)

Liberals have tried to paint President Donald Trump’s administration as a disaster. But these numbers prove he’s already been more successful than Barack Obama.

[Breaking] Secret Emails PROVE Hillary’s a Criminal?!

A massive new trove of emails has just been released. And it proves that the criminal mishandling of classified information by Hillary Clinton and her aides was far worse than the American public has been told.

Donald Trump Just Saved Us BILLIONS (Here’s How…)

President Donald Trump guaranteed American taxpayers that he could get a much better deal on Air Force One jets. He just delivered – and got awfully creative in the process.

5 Politicians Who Want to Take Your Guns

The Second Amendment is under attack, and these five politicians are leading the charge. Meet the political leaders who want to take away your right to own a gun and protect your family.

Our Government Just Wasted $38 Million on WHAT?!

The federal government has just admitted to paying benefits to American veterans who have been dead for years. It’s a story of government incompetence and waste at their worst.

Donald Trump Just Got GREAT News

President Donald Trump promised to make American borders more secure and to stop illegal immigration. And a new report shows he’s delivering in a HUUGE way.

Obama Secretly Plotting Third Term?!

Former President Barack Obama may be planning a return to the White House in just three short years. And the way he’ll pull it off will leave you stunned.

Meet the Bomb That Will Kill Kim Jong Un

He’s dreaming of building a nuclear superpower – but North Korean dictator Kim Jong un will never live to see it. Get the details on the “decapitation strike” that will take him out for good.

[Alert] ISIS Poisoning Our Food Supply

A chilling new ISIS video is commanding followers to begin injecting American food with poison. Here’s what they’re up to, and how to keep yourself safe.

Brilliant! Donald Trump Just Got His Wall

In a brilliant piece of maneuvering, President Donald Trump has found a way to force Congressional Democrats to spend billions on his border wall. Here’s how he outsmarted them… again.

Revenge! Obama Humiliates Elizabeth Warren

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has her sights set on the White House. But former President Barack Obama may end up destroying her plans – in the most embarrassing way possible.

Chelsea Clinton is Running for President… Here’s Her Plan

The stars are aligning for Chelsea Clinton to make a meteoric rise through Congress. Here’s exactly when it will start.

5 Things You NEVER Knew About Labor Day

Labor Day became a federal holiday nearly 125 years ago. But it has a much more interesting (and bloody) history than most Americans realize.

Trump’s Labor Day Surprise (Liberals Are FURIOUS)

Just days before Labor Day, the Trump Administration announced it was inducting former President Ronald Reagan into the Labor Hall of Honor. Liberals may not like it – but Reagan earned his spot.

Stunner! Dems ADMIT Rigging Election for Hillary

The Democratic National Committee has just confessed in court that it ran a sham primary designed to nominate Hillary Clinton. See how millions of Americans wasted their votes.

Justice! Top Democrat Facing 120 Years in Immigration Scam

The bribery trial of the century kicks off next weeks – and Senator Robert Menendez may end up spending his life behind bars.

Proof! Clinton “Charity” a Sham?

A Clinton health “charity” has raised a fortune for Third World diseases. So where did it all go?

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