Report: Obama Committed Fraud to Win Election

A national reporter claims that former President Barack Obama lied to the American people about terror operations to win the 2012 election. See the proof for yourself.

5 Dark Horse Candidates for President

There are still three years left in President Trump’s first term. But the 2020 race is already heating up. Here are five candidates who could shake things up in both the Republican and Democratic parties.

[Breaking] Secret Tape Exposes Clinton Corruption

A top Clinton researcher says an audio tape exists exposing a bribery scheme involving the Clinton family. And the FBI may already have it.

What?! Congress Has “Sex Harassment Slush Fund”

A top member of Congress just admitted that American taxpayers have shelled out $15 million to settle sexual harassment claims against elected officials.

Justice! Hillary Clinton Facing Federal Investigation

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced a federal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s shady Uranium One deal. Could this be what finally takes down Clinton for good?

You Won’t BELIEVE Who’s Running Against Trump (He’s Toast)

Former Vice President Joe Biden is reportedly getting ready to challenge President Trump in the 2020 election. Here’s why Biden’s move is official proof that Democrats are panicking.

“They’re Plotting to Overthrow Trump!” Congressman Warns

A top Congressman is warning that former FBI Director Robert Mueller is orchestrating a plot to overthrow President Donald Trump. Here’s how he wants to stop it.

The 5 Best War Movies of All Time

Cable television channels will be flooded with war movies this Veteran’s Day. Our resident military expert rates the five best of all time.

These 5 Questions Will RUIN Hillary Clinton

The man who Hillary Clinton secretly paid to write the infamous “Trump Dossier” will spill the beans before Congress next week. Here are the 5 questions that could take down Hillary for good.

Disgusting! Reporters BRIBED to Attack Trump

The mainstream media has been ruthlessly attacking President Donald Trump at every turn. Have reporters been bribed to write hit pieces? That’s what one leading Congressman is trying to find out.

This Man is Walking 2,500 Miles for Homeless Vets – Want to Help?

Nearly 40,000 veterans are living on the streets right now. Now, one Navy veteran is walking across the country to raise money and awareness. Here’s how to help.

60 Admirals?! Major Scandal Rocks U.S. Navy

As many as 60 admirals are being investigated for what’s shaping up to be the biggest scandal in U.S. Navy history. High-ranking heads are starting to roll… and it’s about to get worse.

Obama “Sleeper Agents” Taking Down Our Nuclear Shield?

A former CIA official says that America is more vulnerable than ever to an attack that would cripple the power grid – and holdovers from the Obama Administration are to blame.

Texas Church Killer Had a Dark Secret

The mainstream media is claiming they don’t understand why coward Devin Kelley shot up a Texas Baptist church, killing at least 26. But the motive is crystal clear – it’s just not something the media wants to discuss.


Army’s New Tank Has the Russians Shaking in Their Fur Hats

By James Favata All the talk around the water cooler these days is about the Russians. You can’t open a newspaper or flip on the TV without seeing stories about collusion… or election interference… or shady uranium deals. But the U.S. military has been locked in a different confrontation with the Russians for decades –...

Thanksgiving Ambush

Dems Plan “Thanksgiving Ambush” on Trump

Congressional Democrats have refused to accept Donald Trump as their president. Now they’re planning a “Thanksgiving Ambush” against Trump. Does it have any chance of working?

NYC Terrorist

NYC Terrorist Released?! (And it Gets Worse…)

Federal law enforcement agents were on to the New York City “Halloween Killer” two years before his deadly attacks – and did nothing. And their inaction may have allowed other terrorists to enter America, too.

silent hero

World War II’s “Silent Hero” Dies at 97

A heroic World War II code breaker has died at the age of 97. Get the facts on her amazing life and how she helped Allied forces win the war.

If This Doesn’t Get Robert Mueller Fired, Nothing Will

More evidence is surfacing that Special Counsel Robert Mueller rushed indictments of former Trump aides to save his own skin. Get the story the mainstream media won’t touch.

Halloween Massacre! Was New York City WARNED in Advance?

A terrorist thug mowed down innocent New York City bystanders on Halloween, leaving at least eight dead. Now one top Muslim leader is claiming he warned city officials of coming attacks and was ignored.

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